Minority Report.

So Theresa May has managed to form a minority government. For those that don’t know what a minority government is, its a government that is still the biggest party in the house of commons, but doesn’t have an overall majority. Buts thats the thing, Theresa May’s government sort of still does have a majority (even though it doesn’t).

So the Conservative Party have 318 seats out of 650 in parliament, just 8 shy of a majority, but here’s the thing, 7 Sinn Fein MP’s are abstentionists, so do not and will not ever set foot in the houses of parliament, so that means that Mrs May is only shy of 2 for a majority. But then there is the speaker and his deputies which means Mrs May actually has working majority of three, so she doesnt actually need the dubious support of the Irish Democratic Unionist Party, that is being touted in the media at the moment.



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