Policy And Finance Committee

Today was Cwmbran Community Council’s first Policy and Finance Committee of the new council. It is this committee that is responsible for scrutinising the entirety of the councils accounts and and also for setting out policy to be enacted by the council.

It was quite a long meeting, but luckily the books balanced and a few cheaper alternatives for various things were going to be looked at. One of the main point that came out of the meeting is that there is an extra £70,000 for urban regeneration, which basically means that a few extra bins, benches and notice boards can go up around the town (don’t scoff, one public bin costs £400 + the money to have it emptied).

It was also brought to my attention that on the 21st June is Armed Forces Day, The Council will host a short ceremony at 10 AM commemorate the day, all are welcome to attend, and the service will take place at The Council House, Ventnor Road, Cwmbran NP44 3JY.


I hope to see as many of you as possible there.

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