Quiet Day

Today I had no meetings or pressing things to do, so I thought I would enjoy a quiet day at home doing very little. Marianna had other thoughts, she woke me up far to early, and wouldn’t let me get back to sleep, she wouldn’t eat the breakfast I made for her and also wouldn’t eat the lunch I made either. By 1 o’clock I was already praying for death, so in order to get her to take her nap I bribed her with a promise of a trip to the park if she slept.

She kept up her end of the bargain so I kept up mine we got ready to go to the park.

Marianna ready for the park

And once we were there Marianna made the most of the slide and the bouncy seat before coming home for tea. She had I sandwich and I had cauliflower cheese.

Marianna at the top of the climbing frame in Northville’s Play Park

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