Will This Be The Last Time?…

…I don’t know

Will this be the last time I beg of writing a blog citing surgical discomfort as the reason?…I don’t know. But its today’s excuse.

Still Recovering

I’m still recovering from surgery and probably should have taken it a bit easier, as I feel wiped out and have developed a cough/ cold just to add insult to injury. And I can’t take it easy til at least Tuesday.

Armed Forces Day

Today was the armed forces day celebrations of Cwmbran Community Council,  I attended in a dual capacity as both Mayors consort and as a community councillor.

Cllr Alan Jones (TCBC), Cllr Stuart Ashley (TCBC CCC), Cllr Anthony Bird (CCC), Her Worship The Mayor of Torfaen Jessica Powell (TCBC) and The Mini Mayor Of Torfaen Marianna Bird

It was a lovely service and a beautiful day, and thankfully it was over pretty quickly, because the sun was really beating down fiercely, and wearing a suit and the chains of office was a little too much.

It certainly was the perfect day to pay tribute to the men and women who make up our armed forces and as always the Salvation Army band and the reverend leading the service were both superb and it was nice to see children from the local schools not just in attendance but leading the national anthems. Cwmbran Community Council always puts on a good event (I’m not just saying that as a member of Cwmbran Community Council) and the council’s officers had done an amazing job organising this flag raising ceremony, it was also a pleasure to see so many councillors both from Cwmbran Community Council and from Torfaen County Borough Council.  And as always I consider it a privilege to attend as the representative for Northville.

Fathers Day

Today is fathers day in the UK and Marianna got me the greatest gift of all, a free afternoon in which I can do whatever I want away from the shackles of parenthood.  Here’s a collection of photographs from Marianna’s life and that special Daddy Daughter bond that we share.


Chains of Office

As the Mayoral duties are a good excuse to get out to family events, its only right that I take Marianna with me, the appointed mini mayor of Torfaen, so to that end, so she doesn’t feel left out, I had some chains of office made for her:


And yes she will be wearing them to any civic function that she is taken to.