Doctor Who? The New Doctor

Doctor Who- The First Doctor (11).png

As you may already know, my absolute favourite TV show is Doctor Who. You may also be aware that the BBC’s showrunners have decided to recast the position of the titular Doctor as a female.

The Role is going to actress Jodie Whittaker who will be taking over from veteran actor Peter Capaldi. Now I’m not against the idea of a female take on the classic character, unlike almost every part of the internet that I’ve see relating to the subject. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen Ms Whittaker’s work so I don’t know what she’ll bring to the role, and for her sake, but more important for the sake of the fans, I hope she does well in the show, and more power to her.


My only gripe is this, aside from the Doctor, there have been very few good male role models on TV, who act with compassion and use their intellect to solve problems rather than their first instinct being to blow something up, or fire a gun. I hope this addressed by the BBC in the very near future for the sake of young men and boys everywhere. And that little moan aside I look forward to the continued success of my favourite TV show.

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