Royal Welsh Show

Today I attended the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show near Builth Wells in Powys. The Royal Welsh Show is one of the largest agricultural and livestock shows in Europe and is organised by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society  and the show has been held for the 110 years.

As well as the various displays of livestock and farming, which as a city boy, hold very little interest to me beyond the novelty value, there are a great number of traders from businesses across the length and breadth of Wales, and since it is first and foremost a farming show, a good number of these traders have something to do with the food industry. So for me much of the day was given over to sussing out which would be the best examples of food and drink to partake in after our official lunch. This was also interspersed with hunting out the stalls giving out things like free pens and bag.

Swag Haul From the Royal Welsh Show

The Two traders that I would recommend the most would have to be Celtic Country Wines and The Snowdonia Cheese Company between the two of them, I could quite easily have bankrupted myself.

It was however a very tiring day, with a lot of walking, not aided by Marianna who was becoming quite restless by the end of the day, and rather unfairly for a pale skinned ginger, she wound up getting a fairly impressive tan.

Marianna Being A Police Lady at the Dyfed Powys Police tent at The Royal Welsh Show


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