Doctor Who? The Ninth Doctor

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After almost a decade since the ill fated television movie debacle the BBC finally did it and brought back Doctor Who to our screens. We were introduced to the new Doctor Christopher Eccleston amid a flurry of mystery really adding the who? into Doctor Who.

The Ninth Doctor 


Travelling on his lonesome this new Doctor arrives in contemporary London meeting companion Rose Tyler after blowing up her workplace in order to stop an attempted take over of the earth by the classic series villain the Nestene Consciousness and their foot soldiers the Autons. After administering an epic defeat the Doctor and Rose take off into time and space, heading to the end of the earth where we find that the Doctor is now the last of the Time Lords, the race of near immortals having died in a war, The Last Great Time War, the effects of which have passed into legend and can still be felt all across the cosmos.

After defeating the criminal family Slitheen of the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius from destroying the earth to sell the irradiated remains as space fuel, the Doctor and Rose travel to the near future where we find that the Time Lords had fought their war with the Daleks and that the Doctor was the one who destroyed them both, it was the Doctor who killed them all, and it changed him into the person he is, determined never again to commit such acts, and to save as many people, no matter the cost.

After the last Dalek in the universe ends its life the Doctor Rose and new companion Adam travel to a television network in the far future where its revealed that humanity has been manipulated by this news network aboard satellite 5 for hundreds of years, however due to his selfish actions in the future companion Adam is returned to his own time, with the Doctor exclaiming he only travels with the best.

Travelling to World War 2 the Doctor and Rose team up with dashing time agent Captain Jack Harkness before heading back to contemporary Cardiff where they discover a surviving member of the Slitheen posing as the Mayor of Cardiff who also happens to be chapioning a nuclear power station right on top of a rift in time and space. While trying to manipulate the Doctor, Captain Jack and Rose, Blon Fel-Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen is exposed to the heart of the Tardis, the infinite power of which reverts her to an egg.

Winding up on satellite 5 inside familiar television shows such as Big Brother and the Weakest Link the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack discover a race of mutated Daleks left over as the last surviving vestiges of the Time War, their leader proclaiming himself the god of the Daleks is hell bent on continuing the Dalek’s quest of destruction and conquest. The Doctor seeking to save rose from the fate the Daleks have in store for humanity tricks her into returning to her own time. Knowing that the Tardis is sentient Rose looks into its core absorbing the whole vortex of time and space into her consciousness, returning to the Doctor, expunging the Dalek’s from existence and granting new life to the deceased Captain Jack Harkness, Rose soon begins to succumb to the pressures of the time vortex ripping her apart, the Doctor absorbs the energy into himself before returning it to its proper place in the heart of the Tardis. The strain however leads the Doctor to regenerate leaving a bewildered Rose alone with a stranger while the Tardis hurtles back to Earth landing on Christmas Day.

Stand Out Stories

  1. Rose: A good opener to the new series starting out with a classic, if little know, villain, it introduces you to the key players and sets out the world of Who pretty quickly.
  2. The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances: A pretty creepy two parter that sees the first appearance of Captain Jack Harkness and Whoniverse mainstay who remains one of my favourites.
  3. Dalek: This is a superb piece of acting from Christopher Eccleston it really gets across just how much hatred their is between the Doctor and the Dalek race, it answers the question of how Daleks get up stairs and it to this day remains one of the most powerful pieces of television I have ever seen.

Dishonourable Mention

  1. Sex in Space: I get that sex is everywhere, but it is one of my major bug bears with the new series of Doctor Who, the Tardis should be a sex free zone, the weirdness between Billie Piper and Christopher Ecclestone was creepy, and while it isn’t as bad as in later series, its still pretty weird when you think the Doctor is 881 years her senior.
  2. The Domestic Approach: I’m not sure how I feel about adding the family and boyfriends of the Doctor’s companions into the cast. But I suppose making the companions fully fledged characters with well rounded and sympathetic back stories does require so annoying additional characters littering an episode here and there.


Join again soon for more on the wonderful worlds of The BBC’s Doctor Who.

This is part of a series of posts relating to the BBC’s long running show Doctor Who.

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