Depression Raises It’s Ugly Little Turtle Head Once More

You know what I really hate most about depression? You can be having a great few weeks, even a few months without an episode beyond your usual nihilistic tendencies, and then you dare to hope, maybe you’ve finally gotten over it, then BOOM, WRONG MOTHERFUCKER, like a plank of wood to the skull out of nowhere it hits you, and this is where it’ll be different for everyone, but I personally will lose all energy, find absolutely no joy in anything, will begin lashing out at those closest to me, I’ll get annoyed at the smallest things.

Usually though I can sort of shut myself off from the world a bit until I get over the worst of it, but because the civic stuff has been going on and keeping me pretty busy I haven’t been able to do that, and so what I’ve been doing is looking for some alternative coping methods, so far none have really been that effective, I mean I had a pretty big win the other day, something that I’ve been working on since becoming a councillor, looks like it’ll be met with approval and may actually be acted upon (I’m not saying what as I don’t want to jinx it ), and I just feel numb to the fact. So I’m going to beg some indulgence from those around me until I can sort my shit out.

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