How To Make The Perfect Martini

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Have you ever tasted a Martini? Are you thinking, Bond, James Bond, “I’ll have a vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred? Be honest, you were, and that’s OK (its not really, but lets just move on), its probably the only exposure you’ve had to the cocktail, because very few bars will serve an outright Martini, whether this is because they’ve fallen out of fashion, are extortionately expensive, or bars don’t like serving straight alcohol mixed with other straight alcohol who knows?

what you’ll need:

75ml (three shots) of a good gin (Hendricks for preference)

25ml (1 shot) of extra dry vermouth (The Green Martini is the most common)


Two pitted green olives (served in brine from a jar)

a cocktail shaker (with a stirring spoon)


So what you is simple, first take your glass, fill it with ice water and leave on the side. Secondly fill your cocktail shaker about a quarter of the way with ice, add the gin and vermouth then stir 7 times counter clockwise, and once clockwise, remember to stir, not shake, as shaking chips the ice thus watering down your drink. Now empty the ice water concoction from  your glass and then strain the gin/ vermouth mixture into the glass, add your olives (no more than 2 because otherwise all you taste is olive brine), and there you have the perfect Martini.



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