Book Review: War and Peace

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Oh where do I begin with this review? This book is one of those seminal pieces of literature that you’re meant to read at some point in your lifetime. But this over 1000 page mammoth written by Leo Tolstoy and published in 1869 is a massively complicated piece of work.


I’m an intelligent person, this isn’t a boast, its a fact, and even I had a great deal of trouble keeping abreast of all of the the varying plot threads and numerous character arcs. Its taken me several months to finish and I’m still not entirely sure that I grasp the full scale of complexity that the novel puts forth.

Some of it was entertaining, and it did show an interesting look at the life of the Russian Aristocracy and high society in the time of Napoleon’s rise to power throughout Europe. I won’t go into a discourse on the intricacies of the varying factions of Russian nobility that are presented in the book, because there are various and numerous thesis’s already published on the subject, but suffice it to say I struggled with this book I really and truly struggled with it, its taken me months to get through it, but at least I did it, and I can now cross it off my Thirty before 30.

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