Films That Should Not Have Had A Sequel



If you ever think an idea you have is shit, just think to yourself, at one point in history someone was there in a meeting and said out loud,  I want to make a movie about a tornado full of sharks, and somehow this spawned 4 sequels.

The Hangover


1 was ok but two just got worse and worse after that. And it just seemed to rehash the same story just in another location, at least 3 tried to do something different, but it wasn’t enough to make it good.

Indiana Jones 4


George Lucas just needs to learn to leave things alone.

The Blues Brothers 2000 


The original Blues Brothers was one of my favourite films of all time, it introduced me to the world of blues music and many other genres that my 8 year old self would otherwise have never had cause to listen to, But then the sequel came and although it does have a fantastic soundtrack and a few good car chases it offers little else and actually tarnishes the Blues Brothers Brand.



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