Writers Block…The Bitch Is Back

I’m literally out of ideas of what to write today, I could have come up with some excuse, but I don’t really have any, I’ve just spent the day watching TV, reading comics and catching up on house work, I did some ironing and went the shop for a few bottles of coca cola. That’s it, thats my day.

Best Budget Cigars From Around The World

I recently read a piece over on GQ which essentially said that Cuban cigars are now to be considered a luxury item, in the same bracket as fine French Wines and Beluga Caviar. I love a good cigar in fact I no longer smoke cigarettes at all, mainly as they are far inferior to a cigar, even something as common and everyday as a Hamlet or a Cafe Creme is far and away above even the best and most expensive of cigarettes. But the main thing this GQ article highlighted, as well as what my own experience has shown me, is that Cuban Cigars are only going to get more expensive, and my budget isn’t going to be able to stretch to humidors full of Monetcristo’s and Cohiba’s

Chinchalero Chicos


About £3-£5 per cigar, but you can pick a box of 25 for about £55 and they last about 20 mins to half an hour per smoke, depends on the smoker. A good flavour, but nothing too complicated, it was one of the first real cigars I got to grips with, and do keep some about the house to this day – they’re 4 inches long and 3 cm across. The tobacco itself is Nicaraguan and Honduran filler tobaccos, combined with a hand selected Ecuadoran shade wrapper manufactured in Nicaragua

Guantanamera Cristales


£6-£8 per smoke a box of 5 will cost you anywhere between £30- £50 depending on your dealer. These are the big mothers that you think of when you cigars, at 6 inches long 4cm across this really is probably the best buy of the budget Cuban cigars, as you get a lot of smoke for your money, in fact whilst the flavour is nothing to write about, so I won’t in much detail, its pleasant enough and if you smoke it right can last up to an hour.

Henri Wintermans- Corona Deluxe


Dutch Manufacture using Sumatran tobacco, this one is probably one of the most common cigars in the UK it’ll cost you less than a fiver and is probably what you’ll see someone smoking on a night out, which in itself invites all sort of enquiries from the usual cheap rolly riff raff, its actually not too bad for a mass produced, pre cut, cheap, tubed thing, but given its relative size 4 1/2 inches long and 4.2cm across it doesn’t last all that long, somewhere between 20-30 minutes, I mean if you’re having one in a smoking garden just make sure get a pint in before you light up.

Villiger- Export


This one I only tried for the first time the other day. I was looking for something that would work well on a night out, and I picked up a pack of 5 for £13, they’re 4 inches long, 3.7 cm wide, produced in Switzerland, using Cuban tobacco seeds, they last about 25-30 mins and they also look the part.

Romeo y Julieta -Petit Julietas


You can get these Cuban bad boys for about £30 for a pack of 5 they rank in at 4 inches long and 30mm across they’re full of flavour and you can begin to see why the Cuban cigars are the talk of the world when it comes to cigars. These are a short smoke lasting only 20 minuets or so, but they do pack a lot in in that brief time.



I’ve never really been a person to stress over anything, I mean I’ve never really taken anything seriously enough to become stressed, but god damn it, this last fortnight has really done me no favours. I’ve had some personal family stuff going on, the long term effects of which are still to be seen, an incredibly obstinate two year old to content, a mountainous burden of civic duties  and then just a hundred other little things that all compound to make me want to self harm or crawl inside a bottle of gin with a blanket over my head, not that I give a shit about any of them in the slightest, its just that they’re so bloody relentless.

Barring any other problems though it looks as though the worst is behind me and I can just get on with things, but urgh now I see why they say that stress kills.

Toddlers Fashion (Dads Can Do It Too) 2

As I’m the one who is the primary caregiver in our house, I’m the one tasked with coming up with outfits that are both adorable, fashion forward and functional, that also hold up to the hell and muck making that a two and half year old will put them through.


This piece is a simple pair of leggings and striped t-shirt topped off with a blue satin scarf.


This a Japanese school girl type thing that I picked up off ebay paired with a matching pair of tights, adorable right?


This was Marianna’s outfit for her mothers Mayoral Civic Service, a red party frock, with matching shoes, white socks and red pillbox fascinator.


Another schoolgirl outfit and tights, an easy combo, but it looks good.


Marianna in her fascinator with red patent leather shoes, white socks, a floral print dress with a matching belt.

So there you have it. Definitive proof that a heterosexual man can pick perfectly fashion forward outfits for a little girl.

Five TV Shows That Should Not Have Been Cancelled

The Borgias 


Sex, violence, intrigue and renaissance costumes, with Jeremy Irons, ending on a cliffhanger, I was pretty P.Oed when I found that this had been cancelled because of Budget reasons.



I found out the other day that this Doctor Who spin Off had been cancelled citing low viewership, but I blame the BBC for putting it online episode by episode first before putting it on TV, I mean if you’re going to put something online first put it on all at once so that it can be binged ala netflix style.



With the last series maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that the show wasn’t brought back, why Americanise something British I don’t know, but the show did leave a lot of dangling plot threads that I would have liked resolved.



I knew it was going to be cancelled from the first episode, but it was fun, it gave a fresh perspective on the whole superhero thing and was a different take from the usual grim and gritty superhero stuff we see on tv, but that wasn’t enough to save it, in spite of all the DC easter eggs that the show gave us.



This actually surprised me to find that the show had been cancelled, but I was glad to see the character get a little encore in Arrow.