Book Review: Stardust

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I’ve been reading a lot of stuff by Neil Gaiman lately like the Sandman series  and Mr Punch and I recently started watching American Gods and one of the books on my 30 before thirty was Stardust. I’d seen the film, but wasn’t sure if it bore any resemblance to the original novella.


So I went over to amazon to pick myself up a copy and dug right in. It was an easy read, I probably finished it in about 4 hours. The story is a pretty basic one, boy of humble and mysterious origins goes on quest to win the love of a fair maid, along the way discovers who he really is and lives up to his destiny by fighting a wicked witch and a would be usurper before living happily ever after.

Gaiman’s writing is superb and the way he world builds in such simple terms is reminiscent of Terry Pratchett in the early days, he really does manage to sum up the essence of the old European fairy stories in very few pages while actually penning a tale that both fits in and shakes up the genre quite a bit, and has actually made this one of the easier reads of my 30 before 30 thus far.

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