Acceptable Jewellery For Men

The question for what jewels men can bedeck themselves with, without look like a tit, is something of a question for the ages, but if it comes to sticking my two pence worth in, its limited to the following, no man should ever be the jerk in a string necklace, or with the blinged out choker, with matching bracelet:



Cufflinks can be pretty functional and can really add your own personal touch and a little bit of pizazz to an outfit.

Tie Pins/ Clips:


Again tie clips do serve a function and once again add that trifling bit of identity onto any old set of clothes.



Watches serve a great purpose, but it is a hotly contested topic as to whether or not watches actually count as jewellery, but as they’re a shiny accessory, I’m more inclined to say that they are.



Rings denote many things, whether or not someone is single, what their fraternal allegiances may be, etc. Whilst I don’t advocate wearing dozens of rings on each hand, simple things such as a wedding ring and a signet ring are the true marks of a gentleman.



The odd discrete lapel badge is acceptable. Things like poppy badges for remembrance day or flag pins are absolutely fine, in fact I once met an American lady who refused to believe I worked in politics purely because I wasn’t wearing a flag pin. Of course there are limits, you don’t want to wear a badge with a slogan or more than one badge, just because you run the risk of looking like one of the young ones, or worse a Greenpeace activist.

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