Happy New Year

Happy Bonfire Night (1).png

Happy New Year to everybody, I hope 2018 will be a great year for you all.

I must say that this year has had more ups and downs than a bipolar roller coaster. I honestly feel that my own biggest accomplishment this year is that I’m finally an elected politician. Marianna is flourishing, but I won’t dare take credit for her personal achievements. I’ve got to do a lot of cool stuff this year that I never would have done before, like go to the Royal Welsh Show, and attend the Queen’s garden party. I’ve laughed, I’ve danced (badly), I’ve sung (Very badly), I’ve done remarkably well at quizzes, I’ve dressed incredibly well for even the most minor of occasions, I’ve bought new stationary.


2017 has taught me many things about restraint, and about complacency, about playing a role, and above all about, not rushing into things. My life lesson for the year is that of the father and son bull stood at the top of a hill overlooking a field of cows, the son turns to the father and says “dad, why don’t we run down this hill and fuck one of those cows?” to which the father replies “why don’t we walk down there and fuck ’em all?”

And on that uplifting note I’ll leave you with this thought, 2017 was what you made it, sure outside events will shape it, but you choose how you react to them, don’t get angry, don’t get upset, don’t even get even…get better. Happy New Year, may 2018 be what you make it.

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