History Lesson

Today marks 357 years since Oliver Cromwell the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, was ritually executed more than two years after his death. Today also marks the 369th anniversary of the execution of King Charles the first. Thus concludes today’s history lesson

Votes At 16

So today the Welsh Government has announced their support for lowering the voting age to sixteen, in local and regional elections. This is something that I’ve campaigned for for over a decade, so its fantastic to see some action on this. Only downside is, it means a whole lot more votes that I have to canvass for.

Video Game Challenge

1.Which is your favourite console? Nintendo 64
2.Which consoles do you have? only a 3DS at the moment, after the game cube I kind of gave up on video games, so just keep a 3DS about the place for long journeys and when there’s nothing on the tv.
3.Favourite game genre? RPG
4.Favourite game? Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5.Favourite character from that game? Ganondorf, why wouldn’t I like Hyrule’s most evil ginger.
6.Game with best graphics and storyline? graphics are something that I’ve let pass me by as were talking Gamecube, PS2 level graphics by the time I stopped playing games, but Storyline wise I’d go Majora’s Mask, Final Fantasy 7 or Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
7.Halo or COD? Halo I suppose.
9.First console & game you played? Mario 3 on the NES
10.What is your favourite thing about video games? Mind numbing escapism
11.Longest you’ve played video games for straight? No idea
12.Your thoughts on sports video games? Indifference
13.Are you a competitive player? Not really, I haven’t played multiplayer games since the days of Goldeneye…Which I rocked
14.Have you ever been in a tournament? Which game was it for? not really.
15.Who is your Super Smash Bros. character?  Ganondorf. Now and Always.