Video Game Challenge

1.Which is your favourite console? Nintendo 64
2.Which consoles do you have? only a 3DS at the moment, after the game cube I kind of gave up on video games, so just keep a 3DS about the place for long journeys and when there’s nothing on the tv.
3.Favourite game genre? RPG
4.Favourite game? Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5.Favourite character from that game? Ganondorf, why wouldn’t I like Hyrule’s most evil ginger.
6.Game with best graphics and storyline? graphics are something that I’ve let pass me by as were talking Gamecube, PS2 level graphics by the time I stopped playing games, but Storyline wise I’d go Majora’s Mask, Final Fantasy 7 or Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
7.Halo or COD? Halo I suppose.
9.First console & game you played? Mario 3 on the NES
10.What is your favourite thing about video games? Mind numbing escapism
11.Longest you’ve played video games for straight? No idea
12.Your thoughts on sports video games? Indifference
13.Are you a competitive player? Not really, I haven’t played multiplayer games since the days of Goldeneye…Which I rocked
14.Have you ever been in a tournament? Which game was it for? not really.
15.Who is your Super Smash Bros. character?  Ganondorf. Now and Always.

Comic Book and Graphic Novel Challenge

The Cosplay Generation (12).png

1. First Comic Book you can remember owning- Spiderman Tangled Web #1


2. First adaptation of a Comic Book you remember seeing- The 90’s X-Men cartoon


3. Favourite adaptation of a comic book- Sin City, although I am fond of the Arrowverse titles


4. Least favourite adaptation of a comic book- The Spirit, Man Of Steel, Spiderman 3, pretty much the whole MCU and DCEU


5. Favourite comic book partners- Wee Hughie and Love Sausage (The Boys)


7. Favourite comic book character- Lucifer Morningstar from the Sandman and Lucifer


8. Favourite Superohero(ine)- Spiderman


9. Least Favourite Comic Book Character: Cyclops, I used to like the way he was portrayed as leader of the X-men, but over the last few years he has essentially morphed into a jihadist, and it isn’t a good thing


10. Favourite character with less than 20 appearances- Love Sausage from the Boys


11. Favourite character in a comic that has yet to appear in film: Death, as she appears in the Sandman Series


12. Favourite miniseries: Wisdom from Marvels Max Imprint, which serves as a sequel to New Excalibur and a prequel to Captian Britain and MI 13.


13. Favourite series: The Sandman


14. Least favorite series:  The Exiles from Marvel, it had so much potential, and just wasted it, not to mention the fact that I find Chris Claremont so overrated.


15. Favorite storyline: Keith Giffen and JM Dematties’ run on the Justice League titles.


16. Least favorite storyline: As much as I wanted to like the new 52, I just hated the fact that they left so many plot lines unresolved.

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17. Favorite artist: Alex Ross, look at Kingdom Come or Marvels, and try and disagree with me.

download (2)

18. Least favorite artist: Chris Bachalo or Howard Chaykin


19. Weirdest comic you own: Neil Gaiman’s Take on Mr Punch


20. Most expensive comic you own: Nothing too expensive in my collection, most of it is either marvel stuff from the last 15 years or Post Crisis DC stuff

21. Favourite Trade edition you own: The full set of the Boys


22. Favourite trade edition you want to own: War Of Kings (marvel)


23. Comic that hasn’t yet been collected in a trade edition (but should) Most of the Dreaming, or the full Sandman Mystery Theatre.


24. trade edition you intend to buy: Lucifer (series 2) Volume 3



25. Favourite character design: The Iron Spider Design


26. Least favourite character design: Azreal Batman which to me just epitomises the 1990’s in comics, it was all muscles and guns, which is not a good look.


27. Thing you wish hadn’t been retconned: All of the pre new 52 DC Universe


28. Favourite tie-in: Star Wars Shadow Of The Empire, I cheat, knowing its a novel before it was ever a comic (and I’m not sure if it was a video game before that) but it is one of my favourites, I also have a real soft spot for the Doctor Who Panini comics.


29.Preference for DC or Marvel? Marvel, theres more of a sense of humour behind them that you don’t get with DC, but that being said DC has given us some of the best stories of the genre. That being said, to this day the Avengers JLA crossover series remains one of my favourite.


John Fielding Memorial

John Fielding , was a local recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for bravery that can be awarded to British forces. He was awarded a the Victoria Cross for acts of gallantry during the Anglo- Zulu War at the battle of Rourke’s Drift, John Fielding (know as Private John Williams) , along with two others, held several rooms in the besieged hospital saving a total of eight patients from the attacking Zulu Hoards.


This year marks 139 years since the battle of Rourke’s Drift, and every year the Cwmbran and District Ex Serviceman’s Association organises a parade a memorial service in honour of John Fielding. This year it was my privilege to attend in a dual capacity as Mayor’s Consort, but also as a member of Cwmbran Council.