Oh To Be In Wales

Now that spring is here in theory. Tomorrow is St Davids Day, the national saint of Wales, so in celebration of the feast day of Saint David here are some of my favourite things about Wales.

The Flag.


What other nation has a dragon on their flag?

The Accent


Its so lyrical and made for singing.

The History

castles of wales

Wales is full of history, even where I live, in Wales’ only new town (Cwmbran) history is ever abundant, from architecture in the everyday to just the sheer amount of castles that pepper the countryside, Wales is a land steeped in history.

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge

  1. Pride (name a great thing about yourself.)- My fashion sense.
  2. Envy (something you lack and covet.)- The Ability to be in any way artistic.
  3. Wrath (something that pisses you off.)-Other people.
  4. Sloth (Something  you neglect to do.)- I frequently neglect to do the dishes, I will often let them pile up for days
  5. Greed (A worldly material desire.)- Another bottle of wine.
  6. Gluttony (favourite food)- Rib eye steak, but its got to be cooked for about 7 minutes on both sides
  7. Lust (object of lust) I suppose I should say my beautiful wife Jessica.


Wedding Centrepieces

Dressing For Dinner (8).png

So I got married on Friday, and I was left in charge of everything (with exception of the brides outfit and flowers) so instead of going the traditional route of floral centrepieces that’ll be dead in a week I decided to revel in both my incredibly geeky nature and Jessica’s love of all things miniature (mind out of the gutter) and here are some (not all, I haven’t been able to get photo’s of two of the 10 I did…yet) of the ideas that I came up with.


Wedding Outfit (The Groom)

I got married yesterday, so you can expect the next few blogs I publish to be somehow wedding related. Today I’m going to be talking about what I wore.



So here we have, myself, the ever so handsome and dashing groom, sporting a delightful wilvrost tailcoat, over royal blue DQT waistcoat with matching pocket square and buttonhole. this is all topped off with a spiffy black cravat adorned with a nice little swarovski, mother of pearl cravat pin.


Other sartorial quirks for the day included a gold Prince Albert Watch Chain and Fob, with matching watch, as well as my family crest emblazoned gold cufflinks.