Generation Games Exhibit

Today I attended the opening of the Generation Games Exhibit at Pontypool Museum.


The exhibit features every games console released in the UK from the early 1970’s until the present day, and is a fantastic exhibit that as many people as possible should attend, if only to relive their child hoods.

Marianna and I Playing Pong On The Binatone TV Master (1976)

I still cant believe how difficult some of the old games were (I swear I was never that bad at Super Mario World). It was also really cool to see how gaming has evolved from the 1970’s and 80’s, right through my childhood to the current day.

Mayor Of Torfaen Jessica Powell, Myself, Minister For Culture Dafydd Elis Thomas AM, Nick Thomas Symonds MP, Museum Chair Ivor Davies

The opening itself was very well attended by a whole host of civic dignitaries, including the Minister For Culture. But I’m serious if you get the chance head to Pontypool Museum to check this exhibit out.

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