Back Pain

I’m in extreme pain with my back today, so there isn’t going to be a blog today, I can’t sit up to type, and I really hate touch typing, so can’t type lying down doing it on my phone. it also helps that I don’t actually have a post in mind so taking a day off doesn’t really matter now does it?

Good World News

Its so hard not to get bogged down in all the negativity going on in the world, with wars in the Middle East escalating and terror spreading both at home and abroad its difficult to not feel a little disheartened. And I’ve been feeling it. But then yesterday I was flipping through the news sites and I saw it, something simple, something so simple that signified  something so much greater. A handshake that could change a world.

Kim Jong-un (North Korean Leader) and Moon Jae-in (South Korean Leader)

The leaders of South and North Korea, two countries who have been at war for almost 70 years have met to begin the slow process towards peace, in the Korean Peninsula.

The two leaders have agreed to begin work that will rid both nations of nuclear weapons, this announcement was made by the North North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in President of South Korea after holding talks at the North South border.

The two leaders also agreed to move forwards in turning the armistice that ended the hostilities of Korean War in 1953 into a peace treaty this year.

Whilst details of the plan have not been made public, the fact that these meetings are taking place is a major thing, and I view it as a piece of good world.

The Worst Avengers Villains

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With A New Avengers film coming out this week I’ve decided to dedicate a few blog posts to Marvels Flagship Team. Today, here is a look at some of the worst villains that Avengers that there have ever been pitted against.

Awesome Android 






Dragon Man


Living Laser 


The Best Comic Book Crossovers

Comic Review (6).pngComics provide many weird and wonderful wonderful  worlds full of marvels and mayhem, and its usually something pretty special when 2 or more of those worlds collide. So here are some of my favourite comic crossovers.

Avengers/ JLA


The crossover that fans of both franchises had wanted since the 1960’s, and whilst it had almost happened many times before, this was the first to put the Avengers branding to it. It also had the added bonus of being canon for both universes, as several plot lines were later picked up on in JLA.

Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Shredder and the foot try to take over Gotham after winding up in the DC universe, the Turtles also make it to the DC universe, where they aid Batman in stopping the menace that the Foot has become on the Gotham City underworld. A high point of the series is where Batman’s rouges gallery is transformed into anthropomorphic animals.

Batman Judge Dredd: Die Laughing 


Batman and Judge Dredd team up for the fourth time, this time to stop the unholy alliance between The Joker and The Dark Judges, as first prophesied by Judge Anderson all those years ago.

 Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² 


The Doctor and companions Team up with the crew of The USS Enterprise-D in order to combat a threat that is being posed by the union of The Borg and The Cybermen.

The Legends Of The Dark Claw/ The Dark Claw Adventures 


As part of the 1990’s DC Versus Marvel miniseries we were give the Amalgam Universe 24 comics featuring amalgamated heroes from the DC and Marvel Universes, and they were each given an issue or two tie in to the DC Versus Marvel Crossover. A few good examples were Super Soldier (Superman and Captain America) or Iron Lantern (Iron Man and Green Lantern) but my favourite was Dark Claw, an Amalgamation of Wolverine of Marvel’s X-Men and DC’s Batman. But Dark Claw proved so successful, after his initial Legends of the Dark Claw issue, was given another issue, this time based on Bruce Timm’s popular Batman Animated Series.

Top Avenger’s Storylines

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With A New Avengers film coming out this week I’ve decided to dedicate a few blog posts to Marvels Flagship Team. Today, here is a look at some of the most memorable stories from the teams near six decades of existence.



The story where Loki (god of mischief) accidentally bands together 5 heroes to kick his ass.



After 500 issues the Avengers are torn apart when one of their own turns on them, and it builds on years of secrets and hurts to the point where the Avengers as we knew it could never continue.

New Avengers Breakout


Six months after the Avengers disassembled a new and different band of avengers came together to face the foes that no single hero could defeat.

Dark Avengers 


After the House of M and Secret Invasion events have rocked the very core of the Marvel Universe, and shown that the heroes might not be up to keeping the world safe, who do the public turn to? That’s right, the villains. A new team of avengers formed by the likes of bullseye, Venom, and Wolverine’s son Daken, and led by Spider-Man’s arch foe Norman Osborne.

AvX (Avengers Vs X-men)

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When the Phoenix Force starts heading back towards the earth, the nearly extinct mutants, The X-Men see it as way to kick start their dying civilisation, whereas the Avengers see it as a potential threat to all mankind. Naturally a fight breaks out.

Book Review: Norse Mythology

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Mythology as a whole is one of those subjects that I really love reading about whether its Judaeo Christian mythology, or the myths of Egypt, Mohammedan prophecy, or the legends of Rome and Greece. So when I saw this book I thought, damn, that sounds interesting, Neil Gaiman, whose stuff I’ve been going through a lot of lately, retelling many of the ancient Norse Myths, Tales of Odin, Balder, Loki and Thor. Tales of Frost Giants of Dark Elves, of Dwarves, of Serpents who sleep beneath the sea and Wolves who devour the moon and stars.


Neil Gaiman once again manages to paint a whole world (or 9 in this case), but rather than taking the route of first person narrative, presents this work as more of a oral history of the gods, from the beginning of all things to the end of all the worlds, and beyond.

Gaiman takes 15 or so stories from the whole of Norse Mythology and spins yarns from origins of all things to the downright absurd, to the truly eerie. I’d come across various interpretations of some of these stories from everyone from Stan Lee to Richard Wagner, but what Gaiman does is put his stamp on these stories that have formed part of history for over a thousand years.