Doctor Who? The Eleventh Doctor

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After David Tennant decided to leave the role of the Doctor Behind, Matt Smith was cast as the 11th Doctor.

The Eleventh Doctor


Travelling alone the Doctor encounters a young Amy Pond before meeting her again 13 years later, they begin travelling together and discover a series of cracks in the fabric of reality after meeting Churchill and the Doctor encounters the woman River Song at an earlier point in her existence. The Two are Joined by Amy’s fiance, Rory Williams aboard the Tardis where they travel to Venice and then encounter an aspect of the Doctor’s darker side calling itself the Dream Lord. At this point Rory is seemingly wiped from existence after an encounter with a newly revived clan of Silurians. The Doctor and Amy travel back to Roman Britain at the summons of River Song, where it is revealed that Amy’s entire life has been manipulated by a coalition of the Doctor’s enemies to avert destruction of the Universe, caused by the Tardis exploding.  However the Tarids explodes, and the universe ends. However the Doctor with the aid of Amy, River Song and Rory (in Auton form) manage to reboot the universe, restoring Rory to life in the process.

Amy and Rory get married and Honeymoon on the Tardis, before returning home briefly. They meet an older version of the Doctor at Lake Silencio in the US for a picnic with River Song, where the Doctor is seemingly shot and killed by an Astronaut. However River Song, Amy and Rory meet a younger version of the 11th Doctor (some 300 years younger) and discover that the astronaut was really a little girl who is injured, who then runs off and regenerates. The Doctor, Rory, and Amy encounter a human cloning program, and it is revealed that Amy has been kidnapped and replaced by a clone. Amy had been captured at some point after conceiving a child on board the Tardis, a child that the Silence and the Universal Church want to use to kill the Doctor and avoid the end of the Universe. The Child is revealed to be River Song (Melody Pond) and that she grew up still in captivity programmed to kill the Doctor, she is shot in Nazi Germany, and regenerates into her current, and final form, where her programming is broken, and the Doctor, Amy and Rory, leave her in the future, to become an archaeologist.  She is later recaptured and becomes the astronaut who kills the Doctor, however she manages to alter time, and save him, before the two are then married.

The Doctor reappears, travelling again with Rory and Amy, before the 2 become stranded in 1930’s New York. Losing his friends like this almost kills the Doctor, he goes into exile, where is being somewhat enabled by the Sontaran Strax, the Silurian Madame Vastra, and her wife, Human Jenny Flint. In Victorian London he meets Clara Oswald, and realises he has already met her in the Dalek Asylum in the far future, she dies fighting the Great Intelligence (this time using semi sentient Snowmen rather than robotic Yeti’s)  However the Doctor realises that she has been turning up throughout the Doctors timeline. He tracks her to the 21st century, where the 2 encounter the Great Intelligence once more, the Doctor and Clara begin travelling together, heading to the far future, and encounter an Ice Warrior on board a cold war era submarine. The Two encounter the Cybermen, before causing the Doctor the visit his own grave on the Planet of Trenzalore, where in a effort to destroy the Doctor, the Great Intelligence tries to corrupt every moment of the Doctor’s history, however he is foiled by Clara and the projection of River Song (who lives on in mind, contained within The Library) when Clara enters to the Doctor’s time stream (explaining why the Doctor has met multiple versions of Clara), she defeats the Great Intelligence, but unlocks the Doctor’s memories of the Doctor Who fought in The Time War.

The Doctor and Clara return to 21st century London at the urging of Kate Stewart (the Brigadier’s Daughter) where the Doctor meets his previous self (the tenth Doctor, who saves Queen Elizabeth the First from a Zygon Invasion) and his previous self who fought in the Time War, together the Three Doctor’s defeat the Zygon invasion and actually manage to subvert the outcome of the Time War, with 13 incarnations of the Doctor uniting to phase Gallifrey out of sync with reality, the Dalek fleet destroying itself in the crossfire, so it seemed to the outside universe that both Time Lords and Daleks were destroyed. However owing to Blinovitch limitation effect the earlier Doctor’s retain no memory of this meeting, but the 11th Doctor now sets off to find the now missing Gallifrey.

The Doctor’s search leads him to the Town of Christmas where there is a crack in the universe asking the question “Doctor Who?” realising that this would mean the return of the Time Lords almost every aggressive race in the universe descends on the Town of Christmas, which is revealed to be on the planet Trenzalore, the Doctor sends Clara back to Earth and for 700 years stands guard over the crack in space time. he defeats many races until only The Daleks remain. Clara returns to him so that he doesn’t die alone, (owing to the fact that the Doctor is on his final regeneration), the Doctor goes to face the Daleks, and Clara pleads to the Time Lords for help. They grant the Doctor a new cycle of regeneration’s, before he defeats the Daleks, he and Clara escape to the Tardis, taking off before he regenerates.

Stand Out Stories

  1. Nightmare In Silver- A Cyberman story set in the far future at an amusement park, whats not to love.
  2. Closing Time- Another Cyberman story, this time they’re invading a department store? The Doctor finds his true vocation working in a toy department and there is a great bit involving the Doctor invoking his undying love for another man.
  3. The Doctors Wife- When you get down to it the longest companion in the history of the show is the Tardis herself, and this episode actually looks at the embodiment of the Tardis and shows her relationship with the Doctor.
  4. The Name of the Doctor- It all comes down to the end of this episode, which is what we were waiting for since the shows return. We finally find out what the Time War turned the Doctor into.

Dishonourable Mention

  1. The Fez- I just don’t know why the producers thought that the Doctor regularly wearing a fez would be funny, but they really missed the mark on this one, and it just felt a little bit sad, it was after all just a grown man loving the fact that he was wearing a silly hat.


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