Doctor Who? The Twelfth Doctor

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After Matt Smith decided to give up the role of the doctor Peter Capaldi was cast as the 12th Doctor

The Twelfth Doctor


After being granted a new cycle of regeneration’s by the Time Lords, the Doctor and Clara Oswald land in Victorian England, where they are joined by the Patanoster Street Gang (Strax, Madam Vastra and her wife Jenny Flint) in battling more clockwork astronauts.  Whilst still maintaining her Job at Coal Hill School the Doctor and Clara visit Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, are shrank in order to save the Universes only good Dalek and take part in a heist on the Bank of Karabraxos. Owing to the strain on Clara’s personal life, and her budding relationship with fellow teacher Danny Pink, Clara decides to leave the Tardis after one last trip, this time, battling a mummy on board the Orient Express… In Space.  Deciding to continue travelling with the Doctor, Clara meets Rigsy a graffiti artist who together defeat the alien Boneless, the Doctor then helps Clara and Danny Pink navigate through London after the world becomes covered in trees.

Not long after this Danny Pink dies after being hit by a car, however his spirit is taken to “Heavan” where it is discovered that a woman named Missy has been manipulating events in the Doctor’s and Clara’s lives for some time.  Upon discovering this the Doctor and Clara learn that Missy has been placing the remains of the recently deceased inside Cybermen units, including Danny Pink and the Doctors old friend the Brigadier. Aided by Kate Stewart and UNIT the Doctor discovers that Missy is in fact the Master in a new regeneration and plans to give the Cybermen to the Doctor as a peace keeping force, this is foiled by the Danny Pink Cyberman and Clara before Missy is seeming killed by the Brigadier Cyberman, but not before telling the Doctor that Gallifrey has been returned to its original time and place in the universe.

As it turns out Missy was in fact lying, and had actually managed to survive owing to a vortex manipulator. Missy, Clara and the Doctor are then summoned by Davros, on a rebuilt Skaro where the Doctor showing mercy saves Davros’ life. The Doctor and Clara resume travelling together and meet Ashildr a Viking woman, who, as a result of conflict with the Mire, becomes immortal. The Doctor then encounters Ashildr again, now going simply by the name Me, in the 1600’s. The Doctor and Clara then discover an element of the Zygon invasion force left on earth have become active and are breaking the treaty in place with the humans. Being manipulated by unknown forces once again the Doctor and Clara once again encounter Me, this time acting as Mayor to a group of exiled and stranded aliens this however leads to Clara’s Death and the Doctor being sent to a mysterious castle with a deadly inhabitant, called the veil. After several billion years the Doctor Manages to escape his prison, and finds himself on Gallifrey, at the end of the Universe. On Gallifrey the Doctor banishes Rassilon and the rest of the High Council before rescuing Clara from her moment of death, and stealing another tardis. At the end of the Universe, the Doctor and Clara encounter Me, who along with Clara agrees to return to her proper place in time within this stolen tardis. Clara and Me then leave an amnesiac Doctor at his Tardis before returning Clara, although Me and Clara decided to travel the universe first, although their Tardis is now stuck looking like an American Diner.

The Doctor, now travelling alone stumbles across Professor River Song, engineering her new husbands death for a priceless diamond. Not recognising the Doctor in his current regeneration she engages his help in retrieving and selling the diamond. The two, along with River’s accomplices Ramone and Nardole, wind up on the planet Darillium where the Doctor gives River the Christmas present of a Sonic Screwdriver, before he and River spend the night (24 years) before River then leaves for the library and the Doctor’s first meeting with her.

The Doctor then begins travelling with Nardole, before being called on to act as executioner for Missy, unable to do this he imprisons her and the three take up residence on Earth, where the Doctor becomes a lecturer at Bristol University. Whilst in academic residence the Doctor takes an interest in a young student named Bill Potts after the two encounter a being called the pilot. The Two travel to the far future and to Victorian England, and then back to the future, where the Doctor loses his sight. The Doctor and Bill save the earth from armageddon and return the Doctor’s sight, at the cost of the Earth being taken over by a race of monks, the Doctor, Bill and Nardole, after prompting from Missy incite rebellion and the Monks control of earth is defeated.

The Doctor and Bill then become stranded on Mars in the 1800’s and are instrumental in the first alliance between Ice Warriors and Humans, and in the Ice Warriors joining the Galactic Alliance. The pair are rescued by Missy and Nardole, and the Doctor begins see signs of Missy reforming into who she used to be. After a short spell in Roman Britain, the Doctor, Nardole, Missy and Bill travel to the future and arrive on a ship nearing a black hole in space, where Bill is shot and critically wounded, she is taken to the other end of the ship, but owing to the time distorting effect of the black hole, time passes at a far slower rate where Missy, Nardole and the Doctor are, than where Bill is. Bill is patched up with cybernetic components and is given into the care of a Mr Razor, the two live and work together in the hospital for several months until the Doctor, Missy and Nardole begin the journey down (5 minuets in their time). However Razor betrays Bill and she is forced into more surgery to become like the hospitals other inhabitants. Upon arriving at Bill’s level the Doctor and Nardole discover that Bill has been turned into one of the first Cybermen from the planet Mondas. And Missy discovers that Razor is really the Master (John Simm). The Master and Missy capture him, but the Doctor had earlier  reprogrammed the Cybernet to target Time Lords as well, forcing them to flee. Nardole arrives in a stolen shuttle to rescue them. The Doctor is electrocuted by a Cyberman, but is saved by Bill. The Doctor manages to destroy the Cybermen, but not before Nardole escapes with many other humans, and the Master and Missy flee, Missy however decides to rejoin the Doctor and stabs her younger self beginning his regeneration, but the Master upon learning the Missy plans to rejoin the Doctor, shoots and kills her, apparently in way that will disable her regenerative process. The Cyberman version of bill also dies in the process, but her essence is saved by the alien Pilot, and the Doctors body is returned to the Tardis. Bill and the Pilot leave to travel the universe together, leaving the Doctor, he begins to regenerate, but tries to halt the process. He travels to Antarctica where he encounters his first self (also in the process of regenerating after meeting Mondasian Cybermen for the first time). The two Doctors meet a time displaced Captain from the British Army in World War One. All three are then forcibly taken into a large spaceship. Inside, they meet with Bill Potts; the Twelfth Doctor, however, doubts she is the real Bill. Upon encountering the ship’s glass-like holographic pilot, they are offered freedom in exchange for allowing the ship to return the Captain to the moment of his death. Refusing to allow the Captain to die, they escape and take the First Doctor’s TARDIS to the planet Villengard.

Alone, the Twelfth Doctor meets with the rogue Dalek Rusty, Given access to the Dalek Hivemind, the Doctor learns that the pilot and its ship, known as Testimony, were created on New Earth, and extract people from their timelines just before they die in order to store their memories “Bill” is discovered to be an avatar, created from her memories. Seeing no evil to fight, the Doctors agree to return the Captain to his timeline. TheCaptain asks the Doctors to keep an eye on his family, introducing himself as Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart. As time resumes, the Doctors watch as soldiers on both sides begin singing “Silent Night”. The Twelfth Doctor explains to the First that he deliberately shifted the Captain’s timeline to the start of the Christmas truce, to ensure his life would be spared. The first Doctor is returned to his timeline and regenerates, and after encountering avatars of Bill, Nardole and Clara so to does the twelfth Doctor.

Stand Out Stories 

  1. Deep Breath- The freshly regenerated Doctor surrounded by familiar faces fighting Dinosaurs and clockwork robots in Victorian London, oh and lots of Straxy goodness.
  2. Dark Water/Death In Heaven- The Master will always be my favourite villain from all of Doctor who, and it was great to see this fresh perspective on an old character, which just goes to show why Doctor Who is such a long running series.
  3. The Magician’s Apprentice/ The Witches Familliar– Bringing back Missy and Davros in the same episodes to me sounded like overkill at first, but then I forget that some of the best episodes from the show have been the Master manipulating, not just the Doctor, but other monsters as well. This combination of Daleks, Davros, Doctor and Master, has been one that fans of the show have been clamouring for for decades.
  4. Heaven Sent/ Hell Bound – I don’t know what it is about seeing the Doctor at a low point that makes for great storytelling, but there’s just something about it. Seeing what the Doctor does when his back is really against the wall, and seeing what he does to get an outcome that is on his terms and no one else’s is an aspect of the show that I really enjoy watching. It also helps that a good portion of this two parter is set on Gallifrey and for some reason, I find that I enjoy those the most, when looking at my favourite episodes from any Doctor, I find that I gravitate towards the ones set on Gallifrey, and the stories that deliver a good look at the past of the doctor and his world.
  5. The Empress Of Mars- I’m guessing the title of this episode was a little nod to the Edgar Rice Burrows story a Princess of Mars, and even little things like that always put a smile on my face, but seeing the sort of world building that Doctor Who has spent decades on come to fruition, with lots of nods to its own past (and fictional future) always go down well in my book.
  6. World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls- We’ve had multiple, multiple Doctor stories in the past (and future) but never a multiple Master one (spin off media doesn’t count unfortunately) so imagine my delight upon the announcement of not one but two Masters for price of only one licence fee. The weird love hate dynamic between the Master and the Master is something that I never would have imagined possible, let alone the whole weird incest (selfcest?) thing that they had going on, which was both cringey and hilarious to watch at the same time.

Dishonourable Mention 

  1. Nardole-I don’t usually pick on individual characters, but Nardole was not a good one, whether it was Matt Lucas’s portrayal, or just the fact that he was there to be comic relief, but he really just managed to get on my nerves throughout all of his appearances.


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