Doctor Who? The Other Doctors, The War Doctor

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Whilst I’ve looked at Doctor’s 1-12 on other posts there have been several other Doctors, who have only been mentioned in passing, The War Doctor was portrayed by John Hurt, and followed on from Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and was the Doctor before Christopher Eccelston’s Ninth Doctor

The War Doctor 


The War Doctor was the Doctor who fought the time War, coming after the Eighth Doctor and Before the Ninth, this Doctor (although he didn’t call himself such) began life after the Eighth Doctor regenerated on the planet Karn, he fought many battles for the Time Lords, before finally tiring of the atrocities that the Time War had wrought around him, declared no more. He stole the Time Lord galaxy killer, The Moment, and sought to destroy both Time Lords and Daleks alike, however with the aid of his past and future selves managed to lock Gallifrey at the end of the universe, whilst the Daleks destroyed themselves. Having fought the Time War for centuries, the Doctor regenerates, but he retained no memory of how he saved Gallifrey, so for centuries walked around with the guilt of having committed to genocides.

Notable Appearances 

  1. The Name Of The Doctor- Just for the reveal, John Hurt as the Doctor.
  2. The Day of The Doctor- The Doctors Unite to save Gallifrey and defeat the Daleks.

Dishonourable Mention

  1. That we didn’t get more- That we didn’t get more of John Hurt’s Doctor is a crime, luckily Big Finish produced 4 audio plays before his death in 2017, but sadly this is all we’ll get.


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