Book Review: Treasure Island

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So far I’ve managed to get through 15 of the books that I want to get through before I turn 30 and today Treasure Island makes number 16.

First published as a serial in 1881, Treasure Island follows the adventures of young Jim Hawkins who starts out working in his parents pub, before “inheriting” a treasure map that leads Jim and the local m’lord, plus a few others, on an adventure across the seven seas in search of the cursed Captain Flints long lost treasure, and all the while contend with and outmanoeuvre mutinous pirates led by the one legged buccaneer, that gentleman of fortune, Long John Silver.

Robert Louis Stevenson manages to create a rich world with many interesting characters along the way, and while this is though of as a children’s book it really isn’t, the constant allusions to drink, and alcoholism and the fates that often begat pirates, whether by their own hand or by the hands of authorities. I’ve never really read much around pirates before this, but its good to see where some of the stereotypes have originated. Things like shiver me timbers features, and pirates being given the black spot. But by god I really hop that pirates didn’t actually say shiver me timbers.

It was a short read and I enjoyed it personally, although there were parts of it that felt a little bit silly, and if you haven’t actually read it, or haven’t seen any of the adaptations (beyond the Muppet’s version) I would really reccomend that you give Treasure Island a go.

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