The Best Comic Book Crossovers

Comic Review (6).pngComics provide many weird and wonderful wonderful  worlds full of marvels and mayhem, and its usually something pretty special when 2 or more of those worlds collide. So here are some of my favourite comic crossovers.

Avengers/ JLA


The crossover that fans of both franchises had wanted since the 1960’s, and whilst it had almost happened many times before, this was the first to put the Avengers branding to it. It also had the added bonus of being canon for both universes, as several plot lines were later picked up on in JLA.

Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Shredder and the foot try to take over Gotham after winding up in the DC universe, the Turtles also make it to the DC universe, where they aid Batman in stopping the menace that the Foot has become on the Gotham City underworld. A high point of the series is where Batman’s rouges gallery is transformed into anthropomorphic animals.

Batman Judge Dredd: Die Laughing 


Batman and Judge Dredd team up for the fourth time, this time to stop the unholy alliance between The Joker and The Dark Judges, as first prophesied by Judge Anderson all those years ago.

 Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² 


The Doctor and companions Team up with the crew of The USS Enterprise-D in order to combat a threat that is being posed by the union of The Borg and The Cybermen.

The Legends Of The Dark Claw/ The Dark Claw Adventures 


As part of the 1990’s DC Versus Marvel miniseries we were give the Amalgam Universe 24 comics featuring amalgamated heroes from the DC and Marvel Universes, and they were each given an issue or two tie in to the DC Versus Marvel Crossover. A few good examples were Super Soldier (Superman and Captain America) or Iron Lantern (Iron Man and Green Lantern) but my favourite was Dark Claw, an Amalgamation of Wolverine of Marvel’s X-Men and DC’s Batman. But Dark Claw proved so successful, after his initial Legends of the Dark Claw issue, was given another issue, this time based on Bruce Timm’s popular Batman Animated Series.

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