Suit Review: Dobell Donegal Tweed Suit

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Because I have an absolutely amazing wife, she got me a new donegal tweed suit to celebrate a recent promotion. I have to admit its a winner. For this time of year, I was worried that it was going to be too warm, but given that its a British summertime, and the lightweight manufacture of the piece as well as being half lined and double vented, I was able to walk to a meeting yesterday without so much as breaking a sweat.

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The colour is a nice sort of rust brown, and whilst it is a dark coloured suit, it doesn’t really give a dark feeling when wearing it, and actually manages to look pretty good in most lights, whether in doors or out, which is something that I really look for in a suit.

The features of the suit include a single breasted jacket, with a 4 button cuff and a notch lapel, and the trousers are complete with button/ clip fastening and can be worn with a belt, which is often an issue I have with off the peg suits, the trousers will more often than not need to be a size too big to fit over my giant backside, and then they just hang off at the waist, however in this instance, a 40 inch waist actually managed to cover my obtuse derriere comfortably.


The only downside to the suit that I found was that whilst it fit perfectly across the chest, it was a tiny bit tight across the stomach, if you have something stashed in the breast pockets, and since I usually have a wallet, business cards, pens, handkerchiefs, lighters and various other bits and pieces tucked about my jacket, it was a little tight if I want to keep it buttoned up, or I could just distribute things about my person a little better.

But overall I would have to say that Dobell have managed to create a fine looking piece of sartorial attire, and its going to prove a mainstay in my wardrobe over the coming months, especially in my new role.


One thought on “Suit Review: Dobell Donegal Tweed Suit

  1. Thanks for your advice you said on Monday you would write something about off the peg suits. You have done this and it is first rate and helpful.


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