New Toys: DC Superhero Girls Starfire

Being the awesome parent I am, who was in absolutely no way trying to bribe my daughter into good behaviour, I got Marriana a new addition to her collection of superhero girls, from DC’s online cartoon Superhero girls which showcases the best female characters from the DCU universe as set in an elite school, Superhero High.


And since this new toy was for Marianna, I thought I would let her review it.

Marianna: I like her lipstick (purple) and her eybrows (also purple), shes beautiful, I like her hair its beautiful, I do like the colour because its like mine, (orange and blonde) she has a lovely dress. its good to play with her friends, but I want more, I need the one with the swords too. 


so based on Starfire’s performance, I have several more superhero girls to buy.


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