30 Comics To Read Before You’re 30 Part Three

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In Part One and Part Two we have got through two thirds of the comics that I recommend you check out before you reach 30 years young, here is the final third of the list.

Batman Dark Knight Dynasty 


Different Batmen throughout time battle against the immortal villain Vandal Savage

Lost Girls


A rather graphic look at the sexual exploits of Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz and Alice Liddel from Alices Adventures in Wonderland. Its definately a new twist on the original characters.

The Superior Spider-Man: My Own Worst Enemy 


Peter Parker is dead, long live Spider-man, Otto Octavious, has taken over the mind and body of Peter Parker and is determined to live out the rest of his days as a superior Spider-Man.

Judge Dredd: America 


A stark look at the lives effected by the brutal rule of the Judges of Mega City One. Read my review here. 

Death: High Cost of Living 


Once a century Death of the endless takes on Human flesh to better understand the soles of those she is sworn to take. Read my review here.

Wisdom: Rudiments of Wisdom


Her Majesties very own chain smoking mutant super spy, join Pete Wisdom and his crack team of Aliens, anachronisms, octogenarians, empaths and a Beatle as they take on the threats to the realm that are just to weird to call in the police for.

Flesh The Dino Files


Time travelling cowboys go back in time to rustle some dinosaurs, all because in the future we’ve run out of animals to eat and man kind still has a hankering for flesh, need I say more? If I do, read my review here.

The Son Of Superman 


Superman is missing, presumed dead, and all of a sudden his son develops superpowers. Read my review here. 

The New Invaders: Once an Invader


The New Invaders were formed to take down a Neo Nazi organisation formed by the Red Skull, and features such classic Heroes as the original Human Torch, Union Jack, US Agent, Spitfire, The Blazing Skull and the Thin Man all working together to take down the Axis Mundi.

Harlem Heroes 


The odds on favourites for the world Aeroball championships suddenly lose half their team to a sabotaged bus, so in the wake of this tragedy, the team must pull together, train some rookies, catch their comrades murderer and bring the Aeroball World Championship back home to Harlem. Read my review here. 

If you liked this check out part one and part two of the thirty comics you should read before you’re 30

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