Are Heterosexual White Men Being Discriminated Against?

Are Heterosexual, white, able bodied men being discriminated against? No. The answer to that question is no. Lets face it being a straight, white man, aged 28-45 with no real physical disabilities I have it pretty damn good. So why is it that men who fall into the same category claim that they’re being villified and discriminated against?

I have a theory. Suddenly (not really sudden, this is thanks to decades/centuries of hard work in working towards equality for all) we find ourselves in a much more equal society. Don’t get me wrong I know that we have decades of hard work ahead of us to make the world a more equal place, but all of sudden, I’m now judged on myself as a person, not on the fact that I’m a young white guy with a suitable wife and a nice suit.

And that is where I think the problem is for a lot of men, they’re used to having the world at their feet, just because of an accident of birth. And now that they feel their foot space is being encroached  these men don’t like it, and that’s where this feeling of discrimination is coming, because now we have to compete on our own merits.

I say we. But to be completely honest I haven’t actually felt discriminated against. Sure I’ve felt under qualified and under appreciated, but never actually discriminated against, but then again I’ve never exactly been the jock strap burning, meninist type at heart, have I?

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