Week Off Day One


I’m taking a week off.

Grass Fire on Twmbarlwm

OK, Grass fire on Twmbarlwm. I’m gonna say this once. The occasional grass fire is good. Grass and Forest fires are a part of nature, they clear away the dense woodland, clearing the way for new plants, providing food for animals as well as new sources of shelter for said animals. It also cleanses diseased trees and plant life, along with any potentially deadly vegetation and insects.


Its 50/50 whether it was arson that started it or not, but at the same time grass and forest fires have been happening since the first forests of Pangaea, fire clears the way for new life to be reborn from the ashes. Any environment with relatively wet winters and long summers are likely to be fire-prone. All that winter water fuels plant growth in the spring, leaving lots of plant vegetation that has the potential to dry out and become highly flammable during a long hot summer like the one that we’re having right now, what do you think they did in centuries before fire engines? They let it burn itself out, and controlled it as best they could until the rains began… so don’t worry if it dose’t go out when you blow on it, summer’ll be over soon.

Are Heterosexual White Men Being Discriminated Against?

Are Heterosexual, white, able bodied men being discriminated against? No. The answer to that question is no. Lets face it being a straight, white man, aged 28-45 with no real physical disabilities I have it pretty damn good. So why is it that men who fall into the same category claim that they’re being villified and discriminated against?

I have a theory. Suddenly (not really sudden, this is thanks to decades/centuries of hard work in working towards equality for all) we find ourselves in a much more equal society. Don’t get me wrong I know that we have decades of hard work ahead of us to make the world a more equal place, but all of sudden, I’m now judged on myself as a person, not on the fact that I’m a young white guy with a suitable wife and a nice suit.

And that is where I think the problem is for a lot of men, they’re used to having the world at their feet, just because of an accident of birth. And now that they feel their foot space is being encroached  these men don’t like it, and that’s where this feeling of discrimination is coming, because now we have to compete on our own merits.

I say we. But to be completely honest I haven’t actually felt discriminated against. Sure I’ve felt under qualified and under appreciated, but never actually discriminated against, but then again I’ve never exactly been the jock strap burning, meninist type at heart, have I?

Adequate Food and Drink?

So this week in the news you may have stumbled across the term adequate food in relation to the ongoing Brexit omnishambles. Whilst these articles and news casts refer more to fresh produce coming into the United Kingdom from the European Union it did get me thinking about what other things (mostly booze) that we as a nation import and what things we’re likely to either have to fork out extra for, or we’re soon to be running low on.



Have a look at the list from just a few of the member states and see if there’s anything on there that you might want to begin stockpiling, me personally I’m going to be stocking up on fine French Wine, sweet Italian Marsala and some tolerbale port from Portugal.

Country name Exports
Austria Stiegl (Lager)
Belgium Leffe (Beer), Duvel (Beer)
Bulgaria Zagorka (Lager) Mastika (Spirit)
Croatia sljivovica (Plum brandy), travarica (Herbal Liqueur)
Cyprus Commandaria (Dessert Wine)
Czech Republic Budvar (Lager)
Finland Finlandia (vodka)
France Red, White and Rose Wine, Champagne, Cognac, Eau De Vie, Casis, Absinthe
Germany Jagermeister, Riesling, Erdinger (beer) Becka (Lager)
Greece Ouzo (Spirit), Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine
Ireland Guinness (stout) Jameson’s (Whiskey), Baileys, Magner’s (cider)
Italy Red, White, Rose Wine, Prosecco, Asti Spumante, Limoncello, Vermouth, Disarano, Amaretto, Peroni (Lager), Sambuca, Marsala, Madeira, Grappa, Campari
Netherlands De Kuyper (Liqueur)
Poland Tyskie (lager) Vodka
Portugal Port, Red Wine
Romania Bats Blood (red wine)
Spain Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, Fortified Wine, Sherry
Sweden Absolut (Vodka), Kopparberg (Cider) Rekorderlig (Cider)