The Pull List August 2018

Comic Review

Here’s the feature of the blog where I literally just list all the comics and graphic novels that I got my grubby little mitts on throughout the month:

  1. The Complete Nemesis the Warlock Volume One
  2. The Complete Nemesis The Warlock Volume Two
  3. Slaine The Brutania Chronicles Volume Four
  4. A.B.C Warriors Return To Mars
  5. A.B.C Warriors The Solo Missions
  6. A.B.C Warriors The Volgan War Volume Three
  7. A.B.C Warriors The Volgan War Volume Four
  8. A.B.C Warriors The Mek Files Volume One
  9. A.B.C Warriors The Mek Files Volume Two
  10. A.B.C Warriors The Mek Files Volume Three
  11. A.B.C Warriors The Mek Files Volume Four
  12. Slaine Warriors Dawn
  13. Slaine The Horned God
  14. Slaine Time Killer
  15. Slaine The Book Of Invasions Volume 1
  16. Slaine The Book Of Invasions Volume 2
  17. Slaine The Book Of Invasions Volume 3
  18. Nikolai Dante Sword of the Tsar
  19. Nikolai Dante Sympathy For The Devil
  20. Strontium Dog The Search and Destroy Agency Files Volume Four
  21. Strontium Dog The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha Volume One
  22. Strontium Dog The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha Volume Two
  23. Strontium Dog The Final Solution
  24. Strontium Dog Blood Moon
  25. Strontium Dog Repo Men
  26. Strontium Dog The Kreeler Conspiracy
  27. Strontium Dog Traitor To His Kind
  28. The Simping Detective
  29. The Vigilante #1

Again another month that’s heavily dominated by 2000AD collections and this is a trend that I think will continue into next month.

Some of the highlights from this month that I’ve thus far read, include: The Vigilante, which sees 2000AD take quite a few classic superheroes from British Comics (I.E ones who are now in the public domain) and the Artwork on Volume 4 of The A.B.C Warriors Mek Files was absolutely phenomenal.

The Mighty World of Marvel UK

An Introduction To Marvel UK.png

Marvel comics have been publishing since the 1960’s and their shared universe has enjoyed countless successes both in print and on screen, but starting in the 1970’s Marvel was to find a niche 3000 miles from home with the origin of Marvel UK.

Marvel UK was originally intended as a vessel for reprints of earlier american comics already printed by Marvel, which were either anglicised or censored in some way to make them more palatable to the British market. This changed in 1976 with the introduction of Captain Britain Weekly. A new anthology style magazine featuring the exploits of the eponymous Captain Britain as the main feature and then made use of reprint material from Marvel’s american back catalogue to fill the rest.

By the end of the 1970s Marvel UK had been given the go ahead to create a whole world of new characters as well as having obtained the rights to a number of classic science fiction properties (Doctor Who, Transformers and Star Wars among them) and by the end of the 1980’s Marvel UK had made the move to printing the american format of comics that has become the industry standard (the only notable exception being 2000ad and its sister publication the Judge Dredd Megazine). But it was in this era that Marvel UK created some its best properties and that what this piece is going to look at now.

Captain Britain  


Captain Britain was Marvel UK’s first attempt (and truthfully most successful attempt) at creating their own original content originally running for 39 issues Captain Britain proved both a hit with UK readers, but was later brought into the mainstream Marvel Canon becoming a member of Excalibur (along with various X-men) and serving as an Avenger,  as well as having his own US title in the late 2000’s.

Deaths Head/ Deaths Head II 


Deaths Head was a robot bounty hunter from the future, he featured in the Marvel UK transformers, and made appearances in Doctor Who Weekly, and was eventually given his own title which lasted 10 issues. The Character was then revamped and became Deaths Head II (whose series last 16 issues). Deaths Head has remained a fan favourite, making cameos throughout Marvel comicdom to this date, whilst Deaths Head II was seen to be unpopular and lacking the originals charm and fanbase.

Dragons Claws


Set in 8162 it follows The Claws a team of players in the mysterious game, along with their leader Dragon, as they try to win and stay ahead of the machinations of the  National Union of Retired Sports Experts. Lasting 10 issues this was Marvel UK’s first attempt at a US style format of comics.

Dark Angel


Originally Hell’s Angel, but quickly changed to Hell’s Dark Angel and then simply Dark Angel following the threat of legal action from the biker gang the Hell’s Angels (who knew bikers could be so litigious?) was a 16 issue series that highlighted the life and adventures of Shevaun Haldane Hell’s Dark Angel. In the Middle Ages, a group of sorcerers were granted immortality by  Mephisto in exchange for a steady stream of sacrifices. One of these men, Ranaulph Haldane, was Shevaun’s father  When Shevaun was 21 years old, Mephisto killed her father for betraying him. Shevaun then saw the Angel of Death arrive for her father. The angel placed a fragment of the universe itself within Shevaun, and gave her a suit of body armour to control her powers. She used these powers to atone for her fathers sins, and begin repaying the debts that he owed the world.

Knights of Pendragon


The Knights of Pendragon were formed to be agents of the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The Knight is in ageless conflict with the Bane, an unnatural destructive force of warfare and winter, led by the Red Knight, the Green Knight’s adversary. The Green Knight invests power, to various groups throughout British history, to protect nature; one such group were the original Knights of the Round Table; the Knights of Pendragon are a modern-day incarnation. The Knights of Pendragon had two series (18 and 15 issues respectively) and team members of made sporadic appearances in Marvel US Titles over the last 20 years.

Keeping Things Interesting

I have to be honest I’m having a hard time keeping things interesting lately. I just feel meh! I can’t put my finger on it, but its a real feeling of not quite depression but definitely I a feeling of ennui, it might be a feeling of boredom, but it all boils down to the same thing, I seem to have lost interest in absolutely everything that’s going on in my life.

I must admit it really sucks, I cant wait for next week when I actually have things to do and things that will keep my mind occupied.

News? What News?

Usually a good way for me to find some inspiration for blog posts is to take a look at whats being reported in the news, and then pick the thing that makes me the angriest, and then I have an almost instant blog post all ready to go. But the sad fact of the matter is that everything that I would normally rail about, I already have on multiple occasions. Trump being a dick, brexit going horribly, the Conservatives doing something unpopular, Wales getting shafted… Been there, written several thousand words on the subject before, the news is getting pretty samey all over the place, the song remains the same, only the names will change, and they don’t even change that often.

Pride Weekend

Its Pride Weekend here in Wales, so here is a photo of my daughter campaigning for Trans Rights.


The issue of LGBTQ+ rights are something that I feel rather strongly about, and I think over the coming weeks and months this is something that I’m actually going to be pursing on a local level. And Personally I’m in a good position to do something about that, I think as Vice Chairman of Cwmbran Community Council , I now have a platform that enables me to stand up for equality and I will strive to deliver the Council’s aim of building a Cwmbran of Cohesive Communities for future generations.

Torfaen Summer Play Scheme Awards

Today I got to attend the Summer Play Scheme Awards hosted by Torfaen Play. Torfaen Play runs the summer play scheme provision throughout the borough of Torfaen, as well as parts of Monmouthshire and Blaenau Gwent. with 47 sites across the three boroughs Torfaen play employs over 150 play workers on a volunteer basis (many of whom parlay this work into qualifications) and the awards ceremony is a chance to pay recognition for the hard work and dedication that these volunteers have put in over the last few weeks.


It was my privilege to represent Cwmbran Community Council (the largest financial contributor to the Summer Play Schemes) as Vice Chairman of the Council, and I was more than happy to present the award in recognition of the best site manager.