Torfaen Summer Play Scheme Awards

Today I got to attend the Summer Play Scheme Awards hosted by Torfaen Play. Torfaen Play runs the summer play scheme provision throughout the borough of Torfaen, as well as parts of Monmouthshire and Blaenau Gwent. with 47 sites across the three boroughs Torfaen play employs over 150 play workers on a volunteer basis (many of whom parlay this work into qualifications) and the awards ceremony is a chance to pay recognition for the hard work and dedication that these volunteers have put in over the last few weeks.


It was my privilege to represent Cwmbran Community Council (the largest financial contributor to the Summer Play Schemes) as Vice Chairman of the Council, and I was more than happy to present the award in recognition of the best site manager.

Bin Opening

I got to “officially” open a public bin today. You may think this is one of those moments where I begin to question all the career decisions that I’ve made to get to this point, but you’d be wrong, and that’s because I have a sense of humour, and whilst I do take my civic role very seriously, I don’t take it too seriously, if you see what I mean.

The Council Chairman and Myself appearing in a rubbish photo.