Town, Community and Parish Councils

If I say to people I’m a councillor, most will assume that I’m elected to the unitary (county, borough or city) authority, but what most people don’t seem to know is that there is a whole layer of local councils beneath this. These are the Town, Community and Parish councils. there are over 11,300 civil parishes (the collective term for town, community or parish councils) throughout England and Wales, the powers of which will vary from council to council.


The Map above shows every single parish in England and Wales, now not every one of these parishes will have its own council. In England, 7.5% of the population of a parish can petition to form a parish council. In Wales it takes 10% (or 150 electors, which ever is greater) and then there local referendum before a Town or Community Council can be formed.

Thinking of forming a Council in England click here . Thinking of forming a council in Wales click here.

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