New Toys: Princess Zelda Plush

As a parent who feels he has to buy his child’s love with toys related to any passing fad that she shows even the slightest bit of interest in, I decided to get Marianna a seven inch Princess Zelda Plush from the Legend of Zelda game series. Marianna’s interest was piqued in the Legend of Zelda, after she played on the Super Smash Bro’s games with me, obviously being a princess, Zelda became a favourite character, and her interest was compounded after watching the truly awful (although she loved it) Legend of Zelda cartoon series from 1989.


So with Marianna a little obsessed I got her a plush of the princess of the moment, here’s what she thought of it:


“She looks beautiful. You can throw her down the stairs and she doesn’t break. I love her. She has a crown or a tiara which is perfect. her dress is sexy, her apron is and thats all, my favourite bit about her is that she’s got shoes and her gloves look beautiful, the don’t match her shoes, they’re pink, and the gloves are white, shes got green hair, but its meant to be blondeĀ (in pictures it was yellow), I‘m looking forward to getting the Link toy to go with it, he won’t break when I throw them down the stairs.”


So there you have it, Marianna’s Thoughts on her new Legend of Zelda plush, and I’m happy to know that apparently I’m buying her a Link toy to go with her Zelda.

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