A Tribute To Muslim Soldiers

Tomorrow Is Often The Busiest Day Of The Week (1).png

I just saw one of those really vile facebook posts about how the poppies used by the British Legion to commemorate the sacrifices made by our troops offends Muslims. This is a consignment of  geriatric shoe makers (or a load of old cobblers). Why on Earth would Muslims be offended at a tribute to those who fell in World War One and Two?

Over Two and a Half Million Muslim troops fought for the allied nations during World War One, not to mention the near 3 million Muslims who fought for the ottoman empire during the same conflict. To say nothing of the 2.5 million Muslims who fought on behalf of the British Empire alone during World War Two.

In this day and age, I feel that the main war that we should be waging is the war against hatred, intolerance and bigotry. Why in the 21st century are people still trying to foster hatred based on someones religion? We live in a wide world full of beauty and spirituality, I just don’t understand why anyone would attack that, or would even want to.

So to the Muslim Troops who served, in any and all conflicts, you have my thanks, and to the Muslims who still serve our armed forces to this day, I salute you. Thank you.


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