New Toys: Princess Zelda Plush

As a parent who feels he has to buy his child’s love with toys related to any passing fad that she shows even the slightest bit of interest in, I decided to get Marianna a seven inch Princess Zelda Plush from the Legend of Zelda game series. Marianna’s interest was piqued in the Legend of Zelda, after she played on the Super Smash Bro’s games with me, obviously being a princess, Zelda became a favourite character, and her interest was compounded after watching the truly awful (although she loved it) Legend of Zelda cartoon series from 1989.


So with Marianna a little obsessed I got her a plush of the princess of the moment, here’s what she thought of it:


“She looks beautiful. You can throw her down the stairs and she doesn’t break. I love her. She has a crown or a tiara which is perfect. her dress is sexy, her apron is and thats all, my favourite bit about her is that she’s got shoes and her gloves look beautiful, the don’t match her shoes, they’re pink, and the gloves are white, shes got green hair, but its meant to be blonde (in pictures it was yellow), I‘m looking forward to getting the Link toy to go with it, he won’t break when I throw them down the stairs.”


So there you have it, Marianna’s Thoughts on her new Legend of Zelda plush, and I’m happy to know that apparently I’m buying her a Link toy to go with her Zelda.

Order of Precedence In County and Town, How Important Are You?

For this particular Blog Post I’ll be using Torfaen and the six Town and community Councils That make up the borough as an example, so this may differ slightly from county to county, but you’ll get an idea, and if you are ever hosting a civic function for local government, at least you’ll know where to seat everyone.

The High Sheriff Of Gwent.png

Now all I need to remember is to pass the port to the left, rather than hog it for myself.

*Please note, if your county council still retains a Mayor, they outrank the Town councils Mayor/ Community Council’s Chair, however since 2018 the Borough of Torfaen no longer has a mayor.

** I haven’t gone into detail on the precedence of various types of peerage, for the simple reason that it would take me forever.

*** Royals Outrank everyone, even the minor ones.

How To Plan An Event

The Man Down My Local (5).png

Have you ever planned an event? Its more of a bitch than the mother of a hundred and one dalmatians. There are so many things to remember and chances are you’ll forget something important and it’ll hit you smack in the face, right there on the day, Bang! But just remember you won’t go wrong if you bear in mind the seven P’s, Proper Preparation and Planning, Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

Things To Remember 

  1. What is the Purpose of your event and why are holding it?
  2. Venue- You’ll need to scope out where you’re going to have the event and then book it, preferably with a great amount of lead time. You should consider such things as access, parking, suitability for your event, and other things like if the place has a bar (and what their prices are) and a myriad of other considerations
  3. Decorations- Whether its banners a corporate conference, or balloons, confetti and centrepieces for a wedding, you’ll have to give thought to what decorations your event will need and supply thusly.
  4.  Who will you invite?- You’ll need to give sufficient notice and make sure that you haven’t invited someone inappropriate, that one uncle who gets really racist after 1 drink, or the grandmother who goes on a 20 minuet homophobic rant if a man is wearing a pink shirt are key amongst the people that should not be on any guest lists, but conversely it might not be the best idea to invite a member of the royal family to your local rugby club’s stripper night.
  5. And once you’ve got the people coming you may have to think where you’ll put them. Unless a royal is present in the Town, I am currently only outranked by 3 people (the current chair of the council, The High Sheriff and the Lord Lieutenant) so knowing how important people are is always a good thing, and why when planning a wedding, you’ll need to be on top of the various family feuds that are many, protracted, varied and longstanding (this is why assigned seating is dangerous, and you should opt for a buffet)
  6. Entertainment: What will you provide to keep your guests entertained? Will there be a band? A DJ? A Karaoke Machine?
  7. Food: This is a nightmare, firstly decided whose going to do it, if its you, have yourself sectioned, it’ll save time later. As you have to assess menus, vegetarian options, vegan options, desserts, starters, and please tell me what the hell do you feed to someone who can’t eat gluten? Seriously get a caterer it’ll save you so much stress.
  8. Cost- Money makes the world go round, and it can also throw some pretty lavish parties, but plan a budget, and then throw it out the window, because chances are you’ll go over it massively.

Hope this helps.

New Toys: Product Enterprises Talking Dalek

In fairness the title of this blog post is actually a lie, I’ve had this Dalek on my shelf for over a decade, but I’ve decided that Marianna can have a play with it, so here is what she thinks about it.


“He is beautiful, he makes exterminate noises, I like his talking, I like his gun and that’s it really, I like him talking, I like playing with him. He says you are an enemy of the daleks, he mixes with the other toys beautifully, hes blue and black and silver, and he lights up when he talks,  he’s gonna exterminate you. “


In all fairness Marianna has taken to the old boy pretty strongly, The Dalek is already attempting to exterminate her Legend of Zelda and Super Mario toys,

Marianna’s 7 Book Cover Challenge

After doing the 7 book cover challenge myself the other day, I decided to nominate my daughter Marianna to give challenge a go. Marianna and I read at least two books a day together, everyday she reads me one, and I read her one. Marianna has been a fan of books since she was a tiny baby, in fact some of my earliest moments with my daughter were of me reading to her whilst she was in hospital for the weeks following her birth.

These are some of Marianna’s favourites:

Where’s My Cow- Terry Pratchett 


No, No Charlie Rascal- Lorna Kent


Rabbits Nap- Julia Donaldson


Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy- Lynley Dodd 


The Gruffalo- Julia Donaldson 


Where’s Polar Bear- Nico Hercules


Everywhere Babies- Susan Meyers