New Toys: Marianna Reviews Her New Bowser Plush

Since I got a nintendo Wii (mainly to play Gamecube games, since to buy a second hand wii was £9, but a second hand Gamecube is over £50) Marianna has been obsessed by The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario games. This has since been fuelled by introducing her to the Legend of Zelda, Sonic X and Super Mario Brothers cartoons, courtesy of Youtube.

So with that in mind I’ve slowly been getting her some plush toys from all of the above. (See her Zelda review here) So without further adieu, here is what Marianna thinks of her latest acquisition.


I don’t like his sharp teeth, I don’t like his sharp fingernails, they scram people, he eats people with his sharp teeth, When we play he captures the princesses, hes very soft and very cwthcy, his back is good, because his back spikes aren’t sharp. He’s a good toy, his white bit is good (on his shell) he’s fun to play with, I make his jump soooooo high, thats all. 


Marianna seems to like him as a toy, but can’t get over the fact that he’s meant to be a bad guy, that really doesn’t endear him to her. However as Bad Guys go in her little games, Bowser is definitely someone that she loves to hate.

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