Ranking The Star Trek Series

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Many many years ago, Jessica and I made a deal, that she would sit through all of Doctor Who (that still exists) if I were to sit through all of the varying Star Trek series. So after making some good progress through them (I haven’t quite managed all, but have made headway in most series) here are the shows that I have liked ranked from worst to best

Star Trek Discovery


It lacked the campness of the original runs, and was to violent, and didn’t really feel true to the original.

The Animated Series


I’m not sure if it was down to it being animated, its uncertain place in canon or its shorter episode times, but I found it difficult to get into the animated series



Voyager wasn’t actually a bad little show, but it felt like a rip off of so many other shows most notably lost in space.

The Next Generation


The next generation had a lot to recommend it, Patrick Stewart, Warf, and the Borg (even if they are just a Cyberman rip off from Doctor Who).

Deep Space Nine


I liked the whole idea of a fixed place for a Star Trek show, the whole premise was boldly going where no one has gone before. But it was good to see what happens when the federation boldly stays.  I also loved the interactions between the Ferengi characters and the law enforcement officer Odo



It was a Star Trek origin show, which saw humans out of their depth unchaperoned out in the universe, boldly going for the first time. You got to see the preconceived notions of humanity challenged at every turn, but then see the universes reactions to humanity reform as well.

The Original Series 


Kirk, Spock and a whole host of camp sci-fi antics, there is no way that this wan’t going to be my favourite incarnation of trek.

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