20 Greatest Albums Of All Time

In the plans for my redesigned man cave one of the key features is a working gramophone, One of the key parts of having a Gramophone is having the right vinyl collection to play on it. I plan to keep the vinyl collection pretty tight so here are the 20 greatest albums of all time (according to me) that I’ll limit my collection to.

The Definitive Blues Brothers Collection


Pink Floyd- Atom Heart Mother


Johnny Cash- At Folsom Prison


Iron Maiden- Brave New World


The Rat Pack- Live And Dangerous


Nightwish- Once


Donald Byrd Quintet- Parisian Thoroughfare  

s-l300 (1)

Roger Waters- Pro’s and Con’s of Hitchhiking 


Misfits- American Psycho 


Paul Anka- Rock Swings


Hugh Laurie- Let Them Talk


A Twist In The Myth- Blind Guardian


Paul Simon- Graceland 


Emilie Autumn- Opheliac 

220px-Opheliac_cover - Copy

The Glenn Miller Orchestra- The Glenn Miller Story

R-1775273-1242586593.jpeg - Copy

Jeff Wayne- War of the Worlds

WayneTWOTW - Copy

Frank Sinatra- Songs for Swinging Lovers

Songsforswinginlovers - Copy

John Coltrane- Blue Train

71J415ZAjNL._SL1050_ - Copy

Bruce Dickinson- Tyranny of Souls 


Hole- Celebrity Skin

Hole-album-celebrityskin - Copy

Why Every Man Should Own A Boating Jacket

One of the best items in my wardrobe is actually a fairly recent addition, and with the slight inkling of the possible hint of sunshine I feel that its time to bust out the Boating Jacket.

The Samuel Windsor- Torbay Jacket

A boating jacket is both smart and light weight, and can be worn as both a slightly more formal attire (ie with a tie) and as some sort of smart casual piece (I only put this in theory, I wont ever try it in practice). But lets face it in this day and age (because who goes to a regatta) they stand out, it adds a bit of colour to your wardrobe. And to be honest this is something I’ve been talking about a fair bit lately, formal men’s clothes have a tendency to be either black, navy or grey, what is wrong with injecting a little bit of colour into your sartorial game?

Untitled design
Me Rocking The Boating Blazer

But the other thing that really works about a proper boating Jacket is that they are usually made out of some sort of cotton or linen so are actually pretty light to wear out and about, so you can look good without having to worry about sweating your proverbial’s off.

So go get one. I recommend checking out the range from Samuel Windsor here.