Why Is The World Such A Horrible Place At The Moment?

Humanity seems to have given in to its worst instincts over the last few years. We seem to be taking what is easy over what is good for us and giving in to our most narrow minded, selfish and xenophobic views.

Ignorance and stupidity seem to be given pride of place and intolerance and lack of knowledge and basic civility are worn like a badge of honour. Apparently a lack of credible facts are can still provide the basis of an opinion and to be quite frank I am sick of it. I can’t believe that its 2019 and I have to say this but:

  • Bigotry and Xenophobia are bad.
  • Skin colour and religion are not acceptable reasons to dislike someone
  • Climate change, whether man made or a natural phenomenon of nature will still have dire consequences for humanity. Don’t believe me ask all the creatures that died during the last ice age.
  • vaccinations are a good thing. They don’t autism, and even if they did autism is better than dying from diseases that were cured decades ago.

I seriously can’t believe that this shit needs to be said.

But what I really can’t fathom is how we’ve got to this level of hatred and stupidity, who do we blame? Politicians? The TV? Newspapers? The Internet? Ourselves? Or maybe all of the above?

The internet is a wonderful thing, it allows me to shop in my underwear for many wondrous things that I never knew existed, without getting arrested. But it also gives a worldwide platform for any nut with an axe to grind or conspiracy theorist with and ill formed and ill typed idea that hasn’t quite made it to science fiction yet. And it really highlights the collective IQ of the world that people are actually buying this crap. It makes me weep for mankind that the very worst of us seem to be pushed to the forefront of society, just by the exploitation of the very worst aspects of our being.

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