2020 Horoscope

I don’t usually have much truck with star signs and what not, but a part from being a nice filler blog post at a time of year when I don’t really feel inclined to do much, it also gives me some sort of benchmark to work from (or to?). So here’s what those long dead balls of celestial gas had to say about my future:

Cancer (NB: Star Sign, not prediction)

Make yourself a top priority this year.

Your sign is linked with your roller coaster emotions, so it makes sense that your ruler is the emotional moon. Paying close attention to the moon’s movements will help you understand your moodiness a little better this year, starting with a full moon/lunar eclipse in your sign in the middle of January. You may feel lasting effects of this lunation as it is closely tied to family relationships, especially parent-child. Reunions and healing can take place now but be careful not to fall back into the same old unhealthy dynamics you’ve been trying to escape once the happiness subsides.

A new moon/solar eclipse in your sign at the end of June coincides with the start of your birthday month, giving you a chance to reboot and begin again (especially in areas that concern your priorities and the people who have come and gone from your life in the past year). This is a chance to figure out what’s been missing and what’s okay to let go of. Anything that’s outlived its use can be discarded now, Cancer. Let it go gently, but surely

The sun in your sign at the end of June until end of July is the perfect time to practice self-care and to protect your loved ones. You know that taking care of yourself is closely linked to your ability to take care of others, so if you haven’t been in a good position to do things for yourself, your familial bonds might be suffering as well. Take a spa day or weekend to recharge. Happy birthday caring, giving Cancer!

Now I hear you say that this is pretty vague, and you’d be right because it is horribly vague, I guess trying to interpret your future sounds a bit more impressive with the backing of some sort of cosmic celestial body as a witness.

What it really boils down to is how you interpret it, I mean what I’m getting from this is apparently I need to work on some family relationships, be less moody and that I need to take better care of myself, all of which could be true, in fact probably is true, but that being said it could be just as true for any of the other half a billion people with the same star sign as me. That being said I see no reason why I shouldn’t try being less moody and certainly see no reason why I shouldn’t try and take better care of my self. But I’m doing it because it makes sense to do it, not because some long dead clusters of burning gas that frankly look absolutely nothing like a crab, even when squiffy and squinting, told me to do so.

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