Marianna’s First Day In School

Today was Marianna’s first day in proper nursery

The Obligatory Child In Uniform Shot

Even though she’s done play group and rising three’s I couldn’t help getting a bit emotional at the sight of her in her uniform. She’s growing up way too fast.


Farm Show 2018

Today it was my privilege to award the winners trophies at the Greenmeadow Community Farm’s Annual Show.

farm show

There were a range of categories to be judged, including Cakes, preserves, vegetables, wines, crafts and photography.

Section 28 15 years on

In 10 days it marks 15 years since section 28 was abolished. Section 28 prohibited local authorities from teaching or promoting homosexuality, and its abolition is a high point both in terms of equality and of civil liberties. And while we still have a long way to go, I think its only right that we take a moment to reflect on that momentous accomplishment from 15 years ago.

Marianna showing off the posters I had made to mark the occasion

7 Book Covers Challenge

I’ve been nominated by to post the covers to seven books I love, no explanation or comments, that’s it.

1. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy By Douglas Adams
2. Vertical: The Follow Up To Sideways- By Rex Pickett
3. The Family By Mario Puzo
4. M*A*S*H- A Novel About Three Army Doctors- By Richard Hooker
Night Watch
5. Night Watch: A Discworld Novel- By Sir Terry Pratchett
6. Orcs Omnibus- By Stan Nicholls
7. Boomsday- By Christopher Buckley

Economics For The Brain Dead 2: Demand And Supply

The Man Down My Local (4).png

One of the most basic principals to wrap your head around when it comes to economics is the principal of demand and supply. Two Terms:

  1. Supply: The amount of your product or service that you have to hand at any given moment
  2. Demand: The public want for you good or service.

That’s not to hard to grasp is it? So if the Demand for something is high, the supply will be low and vice versa, or at least in theory.

There are a number of factors that can effect either supply or demand, these can be political, economic, social, technological, environmental or legislative.

For an example, I will use cocaine to highlight my point. Cocaine is a highly addictive substance. So therefore it perfectly demonstrates how demand effects supply and supply effects demand. It also has the benefit of being something that will be effected both politically and legislatively (the war on drugs has beenĀ  a political and legal position for decades) however, with social morals being what they are today, and thanks to technological advances in farming and distribution, use has become more widespread, However that being said, if the economy were to collapse the demand would likely increase, and likely if some environmental catastrophe (flood, famine, forest fire, earthquake etc) befell Central America (the largest centre of cocaine development) it would mean that supply would fall and so prices would rise with demand.

Ideally as a consumer you want to be in a position where there is a plentiful supply of whatever product you are after, enough to keep demand satisfied, but where there isn’t enough of a demand for prices to sky rocket. This is called the equilibrium point.


But you may also find yourself in that awkward where there is no longer a demand (or a minimal one i.e Just You) but also no supply either.

Theatre Open Day

Today I attended the Congress Theatre’s Open Day, showcasing the new improvements to the theatre, including the new seating (which is much comfier than the old seats) and the new paint job and curtains, as well as the new bar area. As a board member of the Congress Theatre, it is gratifying to see the scale of the improvements. Some of my fondest memories from childhood (and indeed adulthood) stem from the theatre, so its amazing to see this fantastic facility that is right on my door step flourishing and going from strength to strength.

40853993_2257576657603891_267608773579767808_o (1)