OMG It’s Cold

I took Marianna to playgroup this morning, and seriously I had 5 layers on and I still think I might lose a bollock to frost bite


Long Ass Day

So today I have (whilst recovering from last nights Christmas party) attended the opening of a new tanning salon, taken the Mini Mayor to meet Father Christmas at Pontypool Market, attended the opening of a new art exhibit at Pontypool Museum all before taking part in the Christmas parade and light switch on in the town. I then had enough time to watch some of the rugby before heading back out to see Cwmbran Baroque Choir.


Depression Day

Today I had to go to a funeral, which is one of the more onerous of mayoral duties, but is part of the job, but whilst en route to the crematorium I realised its a year to the day since my younger brother died at age 19, so needless to say I am feeling a little low now, so wont be engaging in my usual flair ridden prose today.

And remember that if you do ever need anyone to talk to, I don’t pretend to be a crisis counsellor, and I will make inappropriate jokes, but I am there.

Wedding Prep: The Suit

I’ve finally decided on what I’m going to wear on my wedding day. My personal colour¬† scheme is going to be black, white and royal blue. An odd combination I hear you say,¬† but picture this, a black tail coat and matching trousers, a royal blue waistcoat, with matching pocket square and buttonhole, with a white Victoria collared shirt topped off with a black satin cravat, delicately accessorised with a sterling silver cravat pin and matching cufflinks engraved with my personal coat of arms… now what do you think