Nelson’s Garden

I discovered a little hidden gem of culture and beauty today . It was a privilege to attend the High Sheriff of Gwent’s Garden Party which was held at Nelson’s Garden in Monmouth. I know Monmouth fairly well and had no idea that the place existed, its a walled garden tucked away behind Waitrose.


The garden itself  is a 19th-century garden that was the scene of a tea party held to honour Lord Nelson in 1802. The garden is one of 24 sites on the Monmouth Heritage Trail. It is bounded on the south by the line of the medieval town wall through which it is entered via a short underground passageway. The garden is open to the public between April and September on Fridays between 2–4 p.m so if you are ever in Monmouth on a Friday afternoon you should check it out.

Centrepiece Ideas

Since I’ve been left in charge of organising my wedding, I have been looking at ideas for wedding decorations, and the idea that infuriates me most, are centrepieces. Whilst they often look nice I don’t really want to be spending a great deal of money on what is essentially table dressing, I mean runners and tablecloths are going to cost enough without adding some massive floral monstrosity into the budget.

And then it hit me, after looking through the photo’s of my Aunts wedding many centrepieces these days are simple affairs such as pebbles in a fish bowl. So thats where my idea has stemmed, but also incorporates my love of nerdy stuff and Jessica’s love of miniatures.  So came the idea of some themed terrarium’s.


Here are some early ideas.


I Went To A Farm Today

I got to relive my childhood and go to Greenmeadow community farm yesterday, for their Dragons and Unicorns event. It was a little surreal being back there after so many years, the place always felt much bigger to me as a child.

Marianna however did not really enjoy herself. Most of the animals frightened her, except for the chickens and even those she was a little uncertain of. Sadly I was unable to get any pictures as Marianna was to frightened to pose for any, I tell myself that maybe when she’s a little bit older she will enjoy these things, but who knows?

A Little Life Lesson

I heard a good life lesson the other day in the form of a story that seems to be pretty pertinent to my life at the moment.

Two bulls (father and son) are standing on top of a hill, when the son says to the father why don’t we run down there and fuck one of those cows? The father then says to the son, why don’t we walk down there and fuck ’em all?”

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with my life… but don’t you think that its a good moral, not to rush into things because you could get more than you originally hoped for, or things will turn out better if you’re sensible and take your time