The Best Brexit Cartoons

I can’t help feel of late that I’m living in a satire, the reality TV star American president is facing charges of election tampering, paying hush money to porn stars and insulting the looks of high ranking officials all across the globe. And here on home shores, instead of sitting back and passing judgement, we ourselves as a nation have decided to shoot ourselves in the foot, which is firmly planted on the accelerator pedal as we about to drive over a cliff. I’m talking about Brexit.

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Government Policy As Understood By My Two Year Old

Lifting The Veil On Politics- Wales (4).png

Sometimes government can seem like several factions of warring children, and policy itself seems to have been thought up by preschoolers, so here is my daughter Marianna’s thoughts on some policy areas from the current government.


The Lady [Theresa May] wanted to shut all the hospitals”

Fox Hunting

“The nasty lady [Theresa May] wants the doggies to hurt the foxes, its bad” 


“The Silly Man [Boris Johnson] doesn’t like all the other people” 

Child Poverty

“The Scary Lady [I assume Theresa May] doesn’t want the babas to have food or toys, when they want pizza and dolly’s and we should give them some books” 


” I like the other people” 


“[Bombs] are bad, because they blow up peoples houses and the poor baba’s”

Marianna is no stranger to political activism, she was an active campaigner in the reccent local government elections. 

NB: Neither I nor Marianna’s mother have ever taught her to refer to Theresa May as nasty or scary, this is just a conclusion she has drawn for herself, along with calling Boris Johnson the silly man.

Supreme Prerogative & Dreams Of The Republic.


So who’s been watching the court proceedings over the Brexit vote? No one? Well whose been reading the key points of the appeal in the papers or online? The whole key point over this trial and appeal nonsense is whether or not its illegal for Theresa May’s government to push through Brexit without consulting parliament.

The method by which Ms May’s government could circumvent parliament is through the Royal Prerogative, according to English Common Law the royal prerogative is loosely defined as:  “the name for the residue of discretionary power left at any moment in the hands of the Crown, whether such power is in fact exercised by the reigning Monarch or by their Ministers.”

The royal prerogative is not an unlimited power and it is up to the courts to decide whether the prerogative exists.

This however raises many questions, both legally and constitutionally. Key in my mind however is this. If the supreme court find in favour of the claimant, and the royal prerogative is seen as illegal, does this spell the beginning of the end for the monarchy?

On the face of it I would say no it doesn’t really change anything in terms of what the monarchy can and can’t do, after all the royal prerogative has actually been decided at the courts prerogative since the 1600’s. But I do feel that with the way things are in the current political climate, if the court were to say that this last vestige of royal power was in fact illegal, it may well form a rallying cry for the republican movement in Britain.

When I speak of the republican movement, I don’t speak of the political party that President Elect Donald Trump managed to simultaneously represent and alienate. I in fact speak of the movement that wish to abolish the monarchy (opinions on how vary from a peaceful referendum to a guillotine).

I do think that a lot of the constitutional questions that arise from such a trial are being overshadowed by the narrative which is being portrayed in the media, the left leaning press focusing on the need for parliament to be consulted and the shameful actions of the government in trying to bully this policy through, and the far right press is focusing on the outrage that the will of a narrow majority is being questioned. Its almost as if certain right wing media outlets are suggesting that the supreme court is trying to overturn the Brexit vote, rather than simply iron out how it is implemented, but that’s their prerogative, if they wish to mislead their readers and politicise the judiciary it is their right. But it still over shadows the real questions that need to be asked.

It’ll be interesting to see if the  verdict is held up after the appeal has ended.

Best of British


With Britain talking tough about leaving the European Union, no matter where you stand there’s a lot of patriotism floating around the media sphere. So getting in the patriotic mood, here are the 10 best British Superheroes.


v for vendetta.jpg

The eponymous hero from Alan Moore’s dystopian masterpiece V for vendetta. V has gone from comic book antihero to the symbol of revolution and is the face of almost every anti government movement from anonymous to occupy.



Pixie (Megan Gwynn) is a mutant” from a Welsh mining town. Her mutation grants her pixie-like eyes, colourful wings, and “pixie dust” which causes hallucinations  as well as the ability to use magic and the use of a magical weapon called the “Souldagger.” Pixie is currently a serving member of the X-men after graduating with honours from the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.



Dorcas Leigh is a socialite from the United Kingdom with the power to control her hair’s movement. she has served with DC’s Global Guardians and in DC’s New 52 continuity was a founding member of the Justice League International and the Global Guardians, forming a close bond with Chinese team mate the August General in Iro

Captain Britain


Brian Braddock was a physicist working at the Darkmoor Nuclear Research Centre when  the facility is attacked by the The Reaver Brian tries to find help by escaping on his motorbike. Although he crashes his bike in a nearly fatal accident, Merlyn and his daughter Roma appear and they give him the chance to be the superhero Captain Britain. He is offered a choice: the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Considering himself to be no warrior, he rejects the Sword and chooses the Amulet. This choice transforms him into Captain Britain, the defender of the realm, Captain Britain has had a long career serving as founding member of the superhero team Excalibur, and serving with the Knights of Pendragon, The Avengers, the counter intelligence group MI13 and even as the leader of the ill fated Captain Britain Corps.


Union Jack



Union Jack is the name of three fictional superheroes appearing in the Marvel Universe comic books published by Marvel Comics and Marvel UK. Created by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins, the first Union Jack first appeared in Invaders #7 (July 1976), a second incarnation from the same creators appeared in The Invaders #21, and a third incarnation was created by Roger Stern and John Byrne for Captain America Vol. 1 #254 (February 1981). Following The Invaders, Union Jack has been featured as a regular character in ongoing series Knights of Pendragon, New Invaders and Invaders Now, as well two self-titled mini-series.




Review: Five On Brexit Island

Hands up all of you who have at some point in your life read one Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series. The Enid Blyton books have entertained countless children with the antics of Julian, Dick, Anne and George, not to mention Timmy the dog. The stories invariably take place during the summer holidays when all the children have returned from boarding school to spend the summer hols with George’s parents on the south Dorset Coast.

Five on brexit island.jpg

Five on Brexit Island is part of a new range of books called Enid Blyton for grown ups. Other titles in the series include: Five Go Gluten Free, Five Give Up The Booze and Five Go On A Strategy Away Day.

The plot of Five On Brexit Island focuses on ,the now grown up five’s , attempts to get away from fervour of the Brexit referendum result by taking a camping trip to Kirrin Island. However upon learning the result of the referendum George, the legal owner of Kirrin Island, decides to hold her own referendum on weather to stay as part of the United Kingdom, or become its own sovereign state.

The book really does highlight the absurdity of the Brexit campaign, from the boldly fictional claims of the ardent outers, to the ridiculous scaremongering of the in crowd, even down to the pointless resignations, the vile way in which the press egged the situation on and the way that in the end the majority of the electorate, just didn’t give a crap.

The book itself is written in a very similar style Enid Blyton’s original work, although thankfully it does leave out the massively outdated racism, and it does show what happens when the children from children’s stories go on and grow up. I would recommend wholeheartedly as a gift and may indulge further into Mr Bruno Vincent’s take on the Famous Five. This work is defiantly something to put in the stocking of any politically minded millennial or any brexit loving baby boomer and should be read by as many people as possible.

Dr Brexit (Or How I Learnt To Stop Worrying & Love The Abomination)

So that happened. The people of the United Kingdom (but not Northern Ireland) voted to leave the EU. After months of muck slinging and misinformation Britain narrowly voted to leave the European Union. This left Prime Minister David Cameron to be the first politician to keep a promise as he resigned his premiership , thus triggering a short leadership contest best described as mother doesn’t know best.

As well as this the Labour Party seems to be determined to simultaneously implode and rip itself apart, with the majority of  party MP’s wanting to remove “leader” Jeremy Corbyn from power and Mr Corbyn refusing to leave office triggering a party wide leadership election based on the Vladimir Putin electoral system.

Add into this 6000 extra reported hate crimes that have been logged since the Brexit vote was cast, the fluctuation of the markets that look like a cutaway diagram of Wales, and several declarations of  war on the baby boom generation,  this whole thing is beginning to sound like some sort of satirical farce, one can almost hear Malcolm Tucker exclaiming CHRIST ON A BENDY BUS whilst R.E.M plays in the background.

This is why after a month of anger, bitterness and depression I’ve decided to see the funny side of Brexit. So here are some of the funniest/ stupidest things I’ve seen regarding Brexit after polling day:

  • Google reports the most popular (non porn) search the day of the Brexit results was “What is the EU?
  • After being urged to vote leave by J.D Wetherspoon’s founder Tim Martin the firm lost £18,Million in value thanks to the post brexit slump.
  • An odious man of my acquaintance (whom I will not name for legal reasons) who campaigned strongly for brexit has now found himself fired from a leading academic establishment (which I will not name for said same legal reasons) because his position was paid for by a European Grant.
  • Proposals are now being drawn up by various special interest groups to cease the subsidising of public transport for the over 60’s in Wales in order to make up the shortfall of European Money coming into Wales (almost 80% of over 60’s in Wales voted to leave the EU)

Do you have any examples of poetic justice stemming from the post brexit fallout currently engulfing the UK?