About Me: Five Favourite Albums

I’ve been writing this blog seriously for almost a year now, so maybe its time we got to know each other a little better. Here is a look into the twisted world of my musical tastes with a showing of five of the best albums that I have come across in my nearly three decades of existence.

Bruce Dickinson- Tyranny of Souls 


Iron Maiden were one of the first real bands that I ever got into but for me the stand out was always the lead singer Bruce Dickinson. And the first I heard of Mr Dickinson’s solo career was the song Abduction, from the above album, which I actually at first mistook to be an Iron Maiden song. But when I listened to the Album, it is one of the few that I always have to listen to from start to finish.

The Rat Pack- Live and Dangerous 


Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis JR and to a lesser extent Dean Martin are all fantastic singers. But even more so they are all fantastic performers, and on the album Live and Dangerous, you are treated to two live shows, one from the Sands Hotel in 1963 and another Hosted by Johnny Carson from St Louis. And you really see, or rather hear, what The Rat Pack were really all about, a group of friends having a laugh and having a good time, and doing it in style.

Roger Waters- The Pro’s and Cons of Hitchhiking 


Roger Waters will be remembered as the experimental one from Pink Floyd. And the Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking is just that, an experimental concept album with a lot of balls. It takes the moody introspectiveness of the Wall and then shoves a rocket up its arse, then lights the fucker before bringing it all to a close.

Nightwish- Once 


I’d just finished school at the tender age of 16, and I’d never really strayed beyond what was on Kerrang (music TV channel in the early 21st century) although I did like classical music and even a bit of opera by this point as well. So you can imagine how my mind was blown by this melding of an operatic soprano and fast Finnish power metal. This was the last studio album to feature the vocalist Tarja Turunen before her departure and I do feel that the band has suffered massively since her dismissal.

Raoul Jobin- I Pagliacci 


This is a live performance of my favourite opera and it is one that I still will listen to regularly from start to finish. Whilst the recording quality isn’t the best, you still get to hear the immortal Raoul Jobin playing the original sad clown.

Desert Island Discs (Christmas Special)

Desert Island Discs (1).png

Desert Island Disc’s is a long running radio broadcast (currently broadcast on BBC Radio 4) where, in the BBC’s own words, “a guest is invited to choose the eight records they would take with them to a desert island”, guests are also permitted one book and one luxury item. However today I’ll be putting a Christmassy spin on the BBC classic and will be selecting festive themes for if I were to become a Christmas castaway.

The One Book


The Father Christmas Letters by J.R.R Tolkien are stories told in the format of a series of letters, told either from the point of view of Father Christmas or his elvish secretary. They documented the adventures and misadventures of Father Christmas and his helpers, including the North Polar Bear and his two sidekick cubs, Paksu and Valkotukka. The stories include descriptions of the massive fireworks that create the northern lights and how Polar Bear manages to get into trouble on more than one occasion.

The One Luxury Item


Remy Martin VSPO, It wouldn’t be Christmas without it. My gout may scream the following day, but it would probably make being stuck on an island a little more bearable.

The Eight Songs 

Slade-Merry Xmas Everybody

Michael Bublé- Its Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas

Band Aid-Do They Know It’s Christmas

Frank Sinatra- Have Your Self A Merry Little Christmas

Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews- Baby It’s Cold Outside

Dean Martin – White Christmas

The Pogues- Fairy Tale Of New York

Nat King Cole- Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire (The Christmas Song)

So would you spend Christmas with me on a dessert island, if you had to listen to my playlist? Or does my choice in music make that trip to the inlaws seem a little bit more bearable?

Merry Christmas.