Comic Review: Flesh

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Flesh was something that I wanted to take a look at, after reading the sort of sequel that takes place during Judge Dredd’s Cursed Earth Saga (which I’m fairly certain was ripped off completely to form the basis of the Jurassic Park series of films). I was intrigued to know the origin story of the dinosaur Old One Eye.


The story that makes up Flesh sounds like some sort of dystopian nightmare, in which the world has run out of meat based products due to population expansion and just plain gluttony on the part of humanity, but it being the future man has developed time travel. So mankind, instead of adopting a vegetarian diet, has travelled back in time to the cretaceous period in order to take advantage of man’s lust for flesh. Yes you read that right, men from the 23rd century won’t eat their broccoli so go back in time to farm dinosaurs.


The story reads more like a western rather than a sci fi dino romp, just with the part of the native American’s being played by a few rather vicious Tyrannosaurs. In particular the lead Tyrannosaur, the 120 year old Old One Eye, so named for the eye lost to one of the Dinosaur ranchers.


Again this is Pat Mills at his thrill power churning finest, delivering the readers right into the worlds of both past and future simultaneously, which when you think merging dinosaurs with cowboys from the twenty third century sounds like a concept that wouldn’t work Pat Mills is the man to work that thing out.

The art is always something I feel a little fraudulent in reviewing, as my artistic talents stretch to bad stick men on a good day. But since I’m only going to say nice things about the work of Roman Sola, Boix and Felix Carrion, the hypocrisy seems to wane slightly, they all create a fantastic masterpiece and actually make you feel as though you’ve somehow been dropped right in the middle of both the cretaceous period and the 23rd century all in one fell swoop, they all manage to bring something to the major dinosaurs, and not to mention the horrible flying dino’s and even the Giant Spiders seem to just pop right out of our nightmares and onto the page, yes you read that right, Dinosaurs and Giant Spiders…and cowboys from the future… all in the same comic, and yet it still works.


Given that dinosaur stories only ever seem to have one outcome the ending of the ranchers tale is only to be expected, although it does manage to have a little twist to make the last page have a bite to it. Coming from the golden age of 2000ad Flesh is really a title that you can sink your teeth into, and it has a good number of sequels for you to chew over as well.

Exploding Dinosaur Carcasses (A Thought For The Day)

Exploding Dinosaur Carcasses.png

I just saw a facebook post, wherein the poster, was complaining about the price of petrol. Petrol prices seem to do nothing but increase, so its understandable that motorists around the world would be put out by increases in price. However when you actually think about what it is your buying, you may realise that your actually paying a pretty good price.

What your actually buying are the exploding carcasses of dinosaur’s that have been liquidised by time and pressure. That’s right, I said exploding dinosaur remains. So when you think that by filling up your car you are in fact actually trafficking (pun absolutely intended) in the remains of an extinct creature.  So think on that when you decide to drive that hundred yards for a loaf of bread. Think about those millions of creatures that gave their lives, over millions of years, just so you could drive your shit little Skoda.

I mean the clue is in the name, fossil fuels, but it doesn’t really get the picture across does it? I mean how would you feel, knowing that your mortal remains would be used so some lazy bugger can go on a beer run? I know how I would feel about it. This is why I think I would like to see more being done for hydrogen cars, or other forms renewable transport, I think we can all agree that there needs to be more investment into that sort of thing, if only because you’ll never get me on a bicycle.