Wine Review: Celteg Raspberry Wine

I’m going to put my hands up at the beginning of this review and say that Celteg Wines are hands down my favourite domestic vintners in the UK, it wouldn’t be Christmas in my household without their mead. So with that declaration out of the way I’m going to try and be as unbiased as possible in this review.


I picked up several different varieties of Celteg wine at the Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show in July and for whatever reasons had decided to cellar it behind the bar (on the bookcase) of my man cave, But tonight since I’m free of my offspring and have no pressing civic or work based commitments tomorrow I decided to dust off a couple of bottles of the old vino collapso.

The first I picked was a rather large red (A New Zealand Merlot Cab blend that was pretty chewy and went well with the chicken I had for dinner) then I moved on to the lighter, more fruity wine that I thought would serve as a nice little aside before Morpheus came to claim me for the night.

Out came the Celteg Raspberry it was a lovely and ripe fruity number as I expected and have come to expect from the Celteg range, and as I’ve never had the still version of their raspberry wine before I was pleasantly surprised at how fruity it was, but I was a little taken aback by the more alcoholic taste, and felt that the alcohol did over power the fruit somewhat, but the wine itself was a rather pleasant quaff and I feel that I may pick up a bottle (*cough*case*cough*) or two the next time I head over to the celteg website.