New Toys (Link)

Since taking up the challenge of making miniature scenes for my wedding centrepieces I’ve decided that as a hobby its incredibly nerdy, but fun, as it gives me an excuse as a man nearing his thirties to play with toys.

Ever since the Legend of Zelda The Ocarina of Time came out 19 years ago (feel old yet) I wanted a full set of the toys however I never got them. Don’t worry I was a spoilt kid, so no big deal, but 19 years later, I can now waste money on all the impractical things that I didn’t get during my childhood.


This comes courtesy of the World of Nintendo range, and I must sat I’m probably going to get a few more from this line in the future.

Wedding Centrepieces

Dressing For Dinner (8).png

So I got married on Friday, and I was left in charge of everything (with exception of the brides outfit and flowers) so instead of going the traditional route of floral centrepieces that’ll be dead in a week I decided to revel in both my incredibly geeky nature and Jessica’s love of all things miniature (mind out of the gutter) and here are some (not all, I haven’t been able to get photo’s of two of the 10 I did…yet) of the ideas that I came up with.


New Toys (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Here are some more of the new toys that I got because apparently I’m a massive child.


At about 2-3 inches high they really are very good (especially for under £7), however being more of a nintendo man, I couldn’t really comment as to the detail all that much.

The only problem I’m now facing is the look of disappointment on Marianna’s face when I have to explain that the new toys that keep coming in the post are actually mine and not for her.

Batman Model

I’ve been mucking about with some more ideas for wedding centrepieces here is part of a batman themed one that I have been working on.


As you can see, the GCPD headquarters is only partially finished, as I have to add a great deal of graffiti and some other bits, but it should be done in good time for the wedding.