Wipeout, Silver Surfers Indeed.

I don’t know how many of you out there are active in community groups, but I am in one or two, and they a hot bed of old people. Now in one of those groups that I am active in, I am the groups secretary, and this basically means I’m in charge of taking minuets, organising meetings and emailing the members to let them know where, when, etc. But there’s the rub, anyone dealing with old people will know that many are not on email, because, and I quote, “[they] can’t wrap their head around this new fangled technology”.

This got me thinking though, email has actually been about in some form or another since the 1960’s. Web hosted mail, like AOL, Hotmail, Gmail etc, has been in use since the late 1990’s so the technology isn’t really new. So why can’t old people learn to F*%#ing use it?

I mean you don’t hear me saying that I can’t use an amazon echo because its new do you, I learn, surely retirement is a time to learn new things?

Why Is It So Hard To Have Fun Anymore?

The Man Down My Local (18).png

Have you ever tried to make plans for an evening on short notice as an adult? Its bloody difficult. It’s a Friday evening and for once I’m free of childcare duties, I have a little bit of disposable income and my health is in reasonable enough shape for me to withstand being sociable. But no ones available, people are working, or they’re broke or they have to look after their kids, and in some instances, their other halves wont let them.

usually its me saying that I’m ill, or I’m broke, or that I have to look after Marianna, and its usually true, but this one time when I actually want to go out and do something, no one wants to go out and do anything. A little bit of me doesnt blame them, after all its cold and wet and dark and dealing with people is a hardship in itself, but come on it’s the weekend and most of us are still young (ish), lets get a keebab and go to a disco or whatever it is that hip young people do these days.