My Pokemon Dream Team

Dressing For Dinner (9).png

Almost every child of my generation had the original Pokemon games on the Gameboy Colour back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Admit it, if your nearing your 30’s, you had either Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue or Pokemon Yellow, or if you were a spoilt brat like me, you had all three. I was one of the few people I know of that had all one hundred and fifty Pokemon (this was when there were only 150 Pokemon, as opposed to the 807 that there are now)

I had a pretty cool dream team, all level 100, trained that way, there was no rare candy cheats going on in my dream team.

The Team

The Dream Team Assembles in Cheap Miniature Form

Charmander (#004)


My starting Pokemon and a good ole’ fire type, he stayed with me from the beginning right up until the end, right through his evolution’s to¬† Charmeleon and then to Charizard.

Haunter (#093)


My favourite ghost type Pokemon and my key defence against any psychic type Pokemon, however this is one Pokemon that I didn’t allow to to evolve, if only because I preferred Haunter to his next stage Gengar (and I already had a Gengar).

Abra (#063)


A Psychic Pokemon, because most Pokemon are weak against psychic attacks, I allowed Abra to evolve to Kadabra and then Alakazam, and he was a stable of my team throughout.

Dratini (#147)


A water Pokemon, who eventually went on to evolve into Dragonair, although I would never allow him to evolve further.

Porygon  (#137)


The Computer Pokemon, I’m having trouble remembering why he was on my team, but I remember that he was, although he would often be substituted for other things fairly often.

Zapdos (#145)


The Legendary Bird Pokemon of electricity, as an electric Pokemon, he was great against water types, but also as a flying Pokemon was good against ground types so was, a legendary addition to my team, you might say.

Wedding Centrepieces

Dressing For Dinner (8).png

So I got married on Friday, and I was left in charge of everything (with exception of the brides outfit and flowers) so instead of going the traditional route of floral centrepieces that’ll be dead in a week I decided to revel in both my incredibly geeky nature and Jessica’s love of all things miniature (mind out of the gutter) and here are some (not all, I haven’t been able to get photo’s of two of the 10 I did…yet) of the ideas that I came up with.