The Best European Superheroes

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I’ve been reading some troubling Brexit related news stories lately, and whilst it may be in vein, I am still committed to the Ideals of a united Europe. The EU has done so much for all the people who live in Britain, a minimum wage, maternity leave, so pretty good health and safety laws, and yes even some pretty good superheroes. So here is a look at some of the finest heroes from the European Union.




The emerald Isle’s very own Sean Cassidy, one of the second generation of X-men gifted with his very own sonic scream. Banshee died trying to prevent a plane crash before being resurrected in service to the twins of Apocalypse.

Crimson Fox


IVivian and Constance D’Aramis shared the role of Crimson Fox to allow each something of a normal life, Crimson Fox originally appeared as part of Justice League Europe serving as a long time member until the death of both sisters.

Captain Britain


Brian Braddock was a physicist working at the Darkmoor Nuclear Research Centre when the facility is attacked by the The Reaver Brian tries to find help by escaping on his motorbike. Although he crashes his bike in a nearly fatal accident, Merlyn and his daughter Roma appear and they give him the chance to be the superhero Captain Britain. He is offered a choice: the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Considering himself to be no warrior, he rejects the Sword and chooses the Amulet. This choice transforms him into Captain Britain, the defender of the realm, Captain Britain has had a long career serving as founding member of the superhero team Excalibur, and serving with the Knights of Pendragon, The Avengers, the counter intelligence group MI13 and even as the leader of the ill fated Captain Britain Corps.



Empath is a Spanish mutant appearing in Marvels X-Men titles coming from the town of Castille, Empath is recruited into the Hellions and then serves along with the X-Men until he betrayed them.

Wild Huntsman


The reincarnated spirit of a Germanic Warrior, aided in his crusade for justice by his trusted hound, Donnerschlag, and his horse Orkan. He served as a member of the Global Guardians

The Best of DC’s Elseworlds

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Elseworlds is an imprint of DC comics, the basic premise of which is to take familiar characters from their comic roster and put them in altered surroundings, time periods, or imagine them with an altered backstory. The imprint came about in 1989 with the publication of Gotham by Gaslight, which re-imagined Batman in the Victorian Era and pitted him against none other than Jack The Ripper. Over the years DC has published 100’s of these so called imaginary tales, and here is a look at some of my favourite ones.

Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty


The story follows a feud between the Wayne family and the immortal Vandal Savage, a feud which starts in the 13th century and ends in the 24th Century. The story is split into three parts, Dark Past which features a knight named Joshua Wainwright during the Crusades, Dark Present which features Bruce Wayne in the 20th century as Batman, and Dark Future , which features Brenna Wayne as Batwoman.

Superman: Red Son


In Red Son, Superman’s rocket ship lands on a Ukrainian collective farm rather than in Kansas. Instead of fighting for “… truth, justice, and the American Way”, Superman is described in Soviet radio broadcasts “… as the Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact.”

Superman & Batman: Generations 1,2 &3

In which Superman and Batman age in real time from their first appearances in the 1930’s all the way through to the 30th century, the 3 series explores the dynamics of the two main characters, as well as their impact on their legacies.

Kingdom Come


This story is set in a future that deals with a growing conflict between the visibly out-of-touch “traditional” superheroes, and a growing population of largely amoral and dangerously irresponsible new vigilantes, in many cases the offspring of the traditional heroes. Between these two groups is Batman and his assembled team, who attempt to contain the escalating disaster, foil the machinations of Lex Luthor, and prevent a world-ending superhuman war.

JSA The Liberty Files/ Unholy Three


The Liberty File Set in Egypt, 1942, the Bat (a.k.a. Batman) has been ordered to work with two new partners, the Clock (a.k.a. Hourman) and the Owl (a.k.a. Doctor Mid-Nite), as a group codenamed the Unholy Three. Their mission is to find Jack the Grin (a.k.a. the Joker), a smuggler who has stolen information about an unidentified German secret weapon.

And in its sequel, The Unholy Three  set In 1948, with the war over, the Bat is now fighting criminals in Gotham City. He had briefly worked with the Clock and Mister Terrific, but Sloane blamed him for his fiancee’s death and said he couldn’t work with him. The Clock also retired to his civilian identity of Rex Tyler and returned to running his company. The Bat and the Clock are re-activated as government agents when two former KGB agents, the Parasite and Steelwolf, are working for an unknown employer. They are killing superheroes and seeking a plan called the Trigger. The Bat and the Clock are introduced to Clark Kent (a.k.a. Superman) a new agent who, despite his inexperience, is placed in charge of the group.

Comic Review: Son Of Superman

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Crossing off another of the 30 comic books that I want to have read by the time I turn 30, here is a little review of the Son Of Superman. The story takes place outside of the regular DC Comics Continuity and sees the development of Superman’s Son and how having powers affects his life after Superman has been absent for 15 years and then returns to find his old friends in the Justice League completely corrupt under the influence of Lex Luthor and The US Government.


It was a fun little story, but it wasn’t anything special, although there are some elements here that appear in the 2006 film Superman Returns. The Art was OK, again nothing special, but overall it was enjoyable, just nothing to shout about either.

Worst Sidekicks

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Following on from yesterdays post on the best comic sidekicks here we have a look at some of the truly worst sidekicks out there, and just to give you a hint about the breadth I had for this piece, my selection was limited to pretty much every sidekick ever.



They’re called trousers Batman all minors should wear them around grown ups who are not their parents

D Man


The homeless hero was once Captain America’s sidekick, Cap wisely let D Man go his own way.

Ebony White


The first time I saw Ebony White, I thought he was meant to be a golliwog (massively racist children’s toy) a sidekick to Will Eisner’s Spirit, the creator has gone on to justify his creation by saying, hey it was the 40’s if Al Jolson could do it why couldn’t I.

Bob Agent Of Hydra


Bob Agent of Hydra, Alias Bob Something who cares, height 5’10, weight 181 lbs, Affiliation: Hydra, kidnapped sidekick of Deadpool. Powers and Abilities: None, he’s just a guy who works for hydra so IE if he dies they have two more people to take over from him. Weapon of Choice: Cowardice.

Kid Flash/ Wondergirl/ speedy/ Aqualad 


All the teen titans were pretty shit if we’re being hoinest, why is it that comic writers are deluded enough to think that a teenage version of a superhero is going to be effective in any way, both in terms of story and in terms of sales?

The Best Sidekicks

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One of the more bizarre tropes throughout all of comicdom is that of the sidekick, no one seems to question the idea of taking an underage minor, giving them some sort of horribly inappropriate costume (they’re called trousers batman, all children should own them) and then taking them into some sort of life or death situation which in many circumstances wound up in their deaths. But here are some of the better ones.



Sidekick to Captain America, who unlike Captain America, didn’t have superpowers and wasn’t old enough to even join the army, but never the less, still was taken by Captain America behind enemy lines into Nazi Germany, where he was eventually blown up, left for dead, brainwashed and then became a soviet assassin for the better part of the next 60 years.



Less of a sidekick and more of an homage, but Barbra Gordon worked closely to batman and robin than anyone else until being shot by the Joker.



Thomas Raymond was a sidekick to the original Human Torch during world war 2 and served as a member of the Invaders, his powers derived from a genetic mutation (which would have made him an x-man later in life) but gave him the power to burst into flames while remaining unharmed, he retired from crime fighting following world war 2 before being killed by the villainous Mad-Thinker.

Jimmy Olsen 


Superman’s pal, and at one point adopted son Jimmy Olsen has been the Man of Steel’s most trusted friend and confidant, and yes, owing to one to many strange coincidence greatest sidekick and sometimes worst enemy.

Alfred Pennyworth  


The Batman’s most loyal retainer through thick and thin.

About Me: Five Favourite Comics and Graphic Novels

I’ve been writing this blog seriously for almost a year now, so maybe its time we got to know each other a little better. So here are some of my favourite comics and graphic novels:



Alan Moore’s best known work and what is heralded as the birth of modern comic book industry. Its dark, its gritty and its probably the first american comic that was written for grown ups.

The Boys


Garth Ennis series that posits the theory that if super powers really did exist, people with them would probably be insufferable cunts. Its rude, its crude and its really powerful, it makes light of the superhero genre and will be a classic for years to come.

Superman and Batman Generations 


A tale that takes superman and batman back to their origins in the 1930’s and ages them in real time. It looks at their relationships and the strains that their choices put on their lives, and the lives of their families.

Judge Dredd: America


Judge Dredd is a wholly unrelatable and unsympathetic character, what makes the world of Judge Dredd such an amazing and lasting institution is the characters that surround Dredd, and America is a story about freedom and how people are willing to let go of liberty in exchange for security, and like all good stories is makes you think, think about the important issues, the issues that should be important to us at any rate.



It kick started Marvel’s space renaissance and gave birth to the modern Guardians of the Galaxy that have now been immortalised on screen. Its a space opera that unites many obscure areas of the Marvel Universe, shakes some up, kills some off and it generally an amazing story.


30 Before Thirty (Comics & Graphic Novels)

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I’m going to be thirty in just over 2 years and at this moment in time I’m OK with that (how I feel about it in 10 minuets is up for debate) but one of the things that I realised is that there are a fair few things I still want to accomplish whilst the career and social goals are somewhat out of my control things like films I want to see, albums I want to listen to and books I want to read are very much in my control, especially as I have 25 months to accomplish it. Here is a list of the Comics and Graphic Novels that I would like to have read by the time I’m thirty.

Grant Morrison’s 18 Days


Camelot 3000


Miracle Man: A Dream Of Flying


All Star Superman 


Preacher: Gone To Texas


The Crow


Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes


Alan Moore’s: Saga of The Swamp Thing


Marvel 1602


Saga: Volume 1


 The Order: Die Mensch Machine

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The Complete Scarlet Traces 

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Button Man




Superman: Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow 


The Infinity Gauntlet 


Amazing Spider-man: Kravens Last Hunt


Promethea Book 1 


Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus 




Son Of Superman 


Hellblazer: Original Sins 


The Authority: Relentless 

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Hellboy: Seed Of Destruction 


Doctor Who: Emperor Of The Daleks

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Death: The High Cost Of Living  


JSA The Liberty Files 


Alice In Sunderland 


Daredevil Yellow


The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch


How many of these do you think I’ll get done before July 21st 2019?